Extreme Ghostbusters reference art posted online


The only thing better than artists posting new work online, is artists posting old work online. In this case, Thomas Perkins, who worked on The Extreme Ghostbusters, has been posting some of his reference art from over a decade ago, including concept art for Home Is Where The Horror Is and Ghost Apocalyptic Future.

One of the interesting things to note is that the concept art of Tempus, for Ghost Apocalyptic Future is marked as being as being episode 19, when in reality it was aired as the 18th episode (you can see all the crazy production number/air-date shuffling at Spook Central)

And if you’re new to the site (meaning, you only started reading at some point in the last ten years), check out PC’s interview with RGB and EGB vet Fil Barlow!

[VIA GhostbustersNews.com]

Region 4 Extreme Ghostbusters DVD gets fan thumbs up

Jason wrote in to say that he went out and picked up the region 4 Extreme Ghostbusters DVD, with the first 13 episodes, and was happy he did;

I just wanted to let you know that I got my Region 4 “Extreme Ghostbusters” 2-disc DVD set in the mail yesterday. I’ve got a region-free player, and pre-ordered the set from Australia as soon as I saw your story about it weeks ago. As expected, there are no real extras to speak of, but it does contain the first 13 episodes of the series with impressive video and sound quality. No one who is a GB fan and owns an all-region DVD player should be on the fence about buying this. Get it now so we can get the rest of the episodes released. Or so we can show Sony there is enough interest for a Region 1 DVD set.

Well, I’m certainly considering it – Jason got his with no hassles via EasyDVD for $15 (Australian?)

1UP’s Retronaut look at Ghostbuster gaming wraps up.

1UP.com’s Retronaut series on Ghostbuster gaming – a 7 part magnum opus – wraps up today with their look at the “secret” Ghostbusters game.

Part One: David Crane’s Ghostbusters
Part Two: The Real Ghostbusters Arcade Game
Part Three: Ghostbusters II NES
Part Four: Ghostbusters (Genesis)
Part Five: New Ghostbusters II
Part Six: The Real Ghostbusters (Game Boy) and Extreme Ghostbusters
Part Seven: Luigi’s Mansion

Amazon.fr taking pre-orders on Extreme Ghostbusters DVD plus box art!

egbdvdMaaaaan. I mean, hommmmmmmmme.

It’s been known for awhile that the EU, or at least France, was going to get their own editions of The Real Ghostbusters DVDs and more importantly, their own DVDs of The Extreme Ghostbusters. Now we have a release date and box art. June 24th, a week after the release of the movie Blu-ray discs and video games, French S.O.S. Phantomes fans can buy the first set of DVDs. The DVD is listed as “season 1, volume 1”, though the box says “the spook-tacular first season.” So, it’s not clear if this is only part of the series, but it is likely. At four dozen episodes, Extreme Ghostbusters is a lot to put into a single, simple set as shown on the website. The Real Ghostbusters DVD set is definitely just the first chunk.

Now, here’s the question. Why are the boxes in English? UK sets coming? North American sets coming? Let’s hope so. Stay tuned. Thanks to Biodome for the heads up.

[UPDATE] The DVD is also slated for release in Australia as well as France (as seen on GBFans forums) – the set is 13 episodes on two discs, so expect two or three more to come.