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TWiG – Exclusive look at the Ghostbusters Video Game! Behind the scenes and cinematic!

By on Apr 29, 2009 in FEATURES, GAMES, GB | 0 comments

While Mike is down in Texas this week, he along with The Game Heroes crew got a chance to tour Terminal Reality’s studios in Dallas Texas to take a behind the scenes look at Ghostbusters: The Video Game! Including a look at gameplay footage, interviews, and an absolute first look at an exclusive in-game cinematic never before seen!!! Check it out in the video...

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“That would have worked…”

By on Feb 17, 2008 in FEATURES, GB | 0 comments

It’s funny how it can sometimes take 25 years and a lifetime of reading to finally put two and two together regarding something about Ghostbusters, but here we are. The thought, my thought, in question is at the very beginning of the film when Peter teases Egon; “This reminds me of the time you tried to drill a hole in your head.” To which a stern,...

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EGB commercial

By on Jan 25, 2007 in EGB, FEATURES, MERCH, VIDEO | 0 comments

In transfering the Leo Zahn interview from the old system to the new system (he directed an Extreme Ghostbusters toy commercial) I discovered it needed some cleaning up – old pictures no longer existed, etc. And in the process, I found this; It was so keen, I thought I’d dig it up for the front page....

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The world needs a monster truck Ecto-1

By on Mar 26, 2002 in ECTOMOBILE, FEATURES | 0 comments

This piece of mine originally ran at Entertainment Geekly… IN 2002! Sheesh. That site is now long gone, but given the GB leaning content of the piece, I figure it should have a nice new home here. I was watching Monster Jam on TNN a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know why either — it’s not the sort of thing I usually watch, but perhaps Junkyard Wars has...

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Interview: Leo Zahn

By on Jul 19, 1999 in EGB, FEATURES, MERCH, VIDEO | 0 comments

Leo Zahn, like many of the people I’ve been lucky enough to interview, has a very cool job. Leo directs commercials. Specifically, Leo, through his California based company Picture Palace, directed a commercial for Trendmasters. The product was Trendmasters line of Extreme Ghostbusters toys. Busy as he is, Leo took a moment to answer a few questions for Proton...

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J. Michael Straczynski on RGB

By on May 11, 1999 in FEATURES, RGB | 0 comments

Ever heard of J. Michael Straczynski? Well, if you haven’t you should have. Straczynski, (JMS to his fans) has a long history as a writer for print and TV. His CV includes work on the Twilight Zone (syndicated TV series), Captain Power (that toy oriented Saturday morning show), Jake and the Fatman (a little beyond some of the younger PC readers I’d...

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