Nerdy Show launches GBRPG hub, gaming gear

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If you’re smart, you’ve been following Ghostbusters: Resurrection, the audio podcast of Florida ghostheads playing the classic Ghostbusters RPG. You’ll also then have heard them use their revised rules and new equipment. Well, now you can join the fun!

They have launched the GB RPG Hub, a one-stop source of the old rules, their new rules, gamer messageboard and best of all, laser etched Ghost Die, deck of equipment cards, character sheets, certificates… everything you need to start gaming! Here’s their blurb;

(October 10, 2014) The Nerdy Show Network is proud to announce the debut of their Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub and the launch of their Paranormal Investigations and Eliminations Standard Equipment Deck and Franchise Kit. The site offers a one-stop destination for everything a would-be Ghostbuster needs to gear-up and get gaming!

Since 2012, Nerdy Show’s fan-favorite podcast series Ghostbusters: Resurrection has used their own homebrew version of West End Games’ Ghostbusters roleplaying system to record their episodic, actual-play show. The series takes place in Ghostbusters continuity, following the events of Ghostbusters: The Video Game and Burnham and Schoening’s IDW comic series. With many aspects of Ghostbusters cannon absent from the 1986 system, and “Car Phones” not being applicable to a modern setting – they had to improvise. Ghostbusters: Resurrection GM (General Manager), Doug Banks devised an expansion of the equipment and rules; bringing in classic gear like Slime Blowers, newer additions like the Dark Matter Generator, and incorporating the spectrum of ectoplasmic residue (green, pink, and black).

The end result wasn’t just a thoroughly engrossing podcast series (now ending its second season), but an update to a beloved roleplaying system too good to keep to themselves. However, it wasn’t enough that the Nerdy Show team post a how-to for their expansion – they wanted to take the game to the next level.

The Ghostbusters RPG has been out of print since 2006 and since then the rule books have become readily available online. However, in order to play you need some custom gear: Equipment Cards and a Ghost Die. The Equipment Cards determine what items a player is carrying and act as a quick reference for how it works, and the Ghost Die is a 6-sided die with a special facing that’s essential to Ghostbusters’ chaotic and fun gameplay. In order to usher in a new era of Ghostbusters roleplaying, Nerdy Show has redesigned both and offers all-new print-your-own card sets or fans can support the project and pick up a professionally printed deck.

The Paranormal Investigations and Eliminations Standard Equipment Deck features 50 cards inside a Containment Unit tuck box – enough gear for 5 players. The set has been completely redesigned by graphic designer and Nerdy Show head, Cap Blackard, and features all-new equipment illustrations by artist Matasm. The deck is available as part of the Starter Kit (which comes with a laser-etched Ghost Die) or the Franchise Kit – a special edition package that includes everything needed to game including a Ghost Die, 12 slime green d6s, newly redesigned Personnel Cards, as well as a certificate commemorating the launch of your new Ghostbusters franchise.

This project has been a labor of love, developed alongside fans who’ve been dying to expand their own games. With the Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub, Nerdy Show hopes to revitalize the system for a whole new generation of fans. This isn’t the end of the project either, it’s only the beginning. If fan support is strong enough, Nerdy Show will be able to develop additional Equipment Cards, new modules for gameplay, and more fun – by fans, for fans.
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Sony adds Ghostbusters to Vita!

Ghosthead and IGN writer, Greg Miller, filed a story today that Sony will be releasing some Ghostbusters DLC into their unique, but not quite set-the-world-on-fire, fighting game on the PS Vita; Reality Fighters.

In short, you take a picture of your face, place it on a character, design the character how you want, then fight with that character… in the real world (via augmented reality using the Vita’s camera) – in short, a mini-you fights on desktops, or a table at the food court, or whatever. Reviews have been typed. And that seems to be about it.

But now, Sony is trying to lure people in with new themed DLC, allowing you to give your avatars more weapons, and moves, and costumes. In this case, you can be a Ghostbuster, with a proton pack, or even Mr. Stay-Puft (though you can’t map your face onto him, which is fine, right?)

This is not the first time Sony has used their ready access to the license to spruce up their consoles – PS3 owners will recall all the GB swag released as part of their Home virtual reality world.

The Ghostbusters pack is out May 22nd in North America (no word on the wide world yet, but soon I’m sure), will cost $2.99, and give you two costumes (mentioned above) along with three weapons – the proton pack, the ghost trap, and the Ecto-1. Go read Greg’s article for all the details and screenshots!

XMG demos Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast at PAX East! Exclusive pics! Game details!

XMG, who announced their augmented reality game for mobile phones last month, at at the Penny Arcade Expo East in Boston, and they are showing off the game – now officially titled Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast – to the crowds!

International Release Date: Summer 2012

Price: Free

Available Platforms: iOS, Android

Hop’ in your jumpsuit, strap on your proton packs and get ready for some serious ghostbustin’ action!

With the launch of Ghostbusters, XMG is once again pushing the envelope of mobile games. By paring an exciting augmented reality battle system with location-based features, the gamer is fully immersed in real-time battle against ghastly ghosts. Equipped with proton guns and other amped-up equipment, the player can capture paranormal menaces like a true Ghostbuster. The location-based feature enables the players to interact with their surroundings and catch site-specific ghosts, like library or subway ghosts. The deep social integration will encourage players to get active and involved with friends and other Ghostbuster fans. For example, team up with other Ghosbusters to capture special kinds of paranormal menaces or trade captured ghosts online. While locking up ghosts for good the player will gain experience points to upgrade equipment (ghost traps, ECTO goggles, PKE and GIGA meters and much more) and free the world from the fiendish, ectoplasmic creatures forever!

If you’re at the expo, there’s a Ghostbusters gathering being put on by XMG, Saturday, April 7th.

We Are throwing an Exclusive Ghostbusters party in Boston for PAX east

– Saturday April 7th
– 9:30 Pm until 1:30 Am
– MJ o’conners at The Park Plaza

Look for us at PAX for exclusive green wristbands to Guarantee your entry.

XMG sent us some pics, showing off more of the game in action, including an exclusive PAX Slimer, that people will be able to hunt and bust at the show only – Slimer will be cap-less in the final game.