GB video game character art appears online, turns into awesome treasure hunt! spotted these renders of characters Ian McIntosh created for Terminal Reality’s Ghostbusters: The Video Game (for the PC/Xbox/PS3 skews at least) – besides nice render studies of all four Ghostbusters and The Rookie, there’s also a head shot of Janine, a picture of the Mayor and Peck, and some stray characters, like the security guards and newsreader. You can check out his full gallery here, but be warned, the last couple of pages are of NSFW concept sketches, not GB related.

Where it gets even more fun is that there is a lot of other GBVG art on the same site – Robert St.Aubin posted a lot of his concept art from the game, including levels and menus, but the kicker is the sweet achievement icons he made that had to be scrapped when the retro-pixel style didn’t transfer well to TV.

And it goes on and on – Ecto-4WD concept art for Sanctum of Slime by Javier Martinez, a Dapper Dan Schoening gallery, and a truckload of fan art. Well worth poking around!

New iOS/Android GB game unveiled at MacWorld 2012!

Woot! Hooray for owning a Smartphone! Details are very early, but here’s the overview;

The new game from XMG that we are most excited about is their new Ghostbusters title. This game has an augmented reality battle system, immersing you in real time battle against ghosts and ghouls. And I know you aren’t afraid of no ghost!

Equip yourself with proton guns and other equipment, and you can capture paranormal menaces like a true Ghostbuster. There are location-based features that enable players to interact with their surroundings and catch site-specific ghosts, like library or subway ghosts. There is also a social aspect that encourages players to team up with friends and other Ghostbusters. You can gain experience points (XP) to upgrade your ghost fighting equipment so that you can rid the world of these menacing specters forever.

Ghostbusters will be released for both iOS and Android in July (or sooner) of this year. It will be a freemium title.


Hotwheels Elite 1:18 Ecto and plush Ghostbusters!

A little old and little new.

A couple of weeks back, fans started spotting plush Ghostbusters, along with plush Slimer and Stay Puft, in claw machines – more often than not, these are found in the games rooms at your local Wal-Mart. They are not available through regular retail. You will actually have to find a claw machine and try your luck.

The toys are made by The Toy Factory, who specialized in plush prizes for claw machines, party arcades, and fairs. Their catalog does confirm they have the Ghostbusters license, but contains no pictures – not to worry though, people have been posting them up and sending them in a lot.

From what we can tell, they appear to come in two different sizes (as you can see in this picture by GBFan poster, hawaiiangb.

And Hot Wheels has finally posted pictures of their 1:18 scale Elite Ecto – as cool as the ERTL die-cast Ecto was, this car takes the cake.

[VIA GBNews]

IGT gets set to roll out Ghostbusters slot machine! Video demo!

That took awhile – remember when we first talked about the Ghostbusters themed slot machine from International Game Technology? Well, it’s ready to go – look for it in a casino near you.

Ghostbusters on Center Stage Duo

“Who ya gonna call for an ectoplasmic good time?” IGT, that’s who. Introducing IGT’s new slot phenomenon-The Ghostbusters Video Slot.

During base game play, expanding wilds ooze with winnings and scatter wilds frighten. There’s definitely something here. Watch for Slimer, demon dogs, or other ghostly aberrations haunting the game with extra credits, wilds or multipliers.

In the bonus gateway, players can enter a world of paranormal progressives where Slimer picks from several bonus events including five progressive levels displayed on a shared 55″ LCD screen.

Video clip integration and symbol animations feature well-loved and familiar Ghostbusters movie clips and voice over. Grab your proton pack. Experience Ghostbusters Video Slots today.

Best part of the official product page’s content is that they put Ernie in a blue lab-coat in order to match the other guys. In fact, Winston is well represented throughout the product. Which is nice.

Big thanks to JD Raimer for the heads up that the product out!