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Princess Bride fans (no, really) are laughing at us.

By on Apr 30, 2015 in GB | 0 comments

Well, the good news is that we’ve still got over a week left to keep voting. Daily. As in, you can vote every day. But perhaps you MUST vote is the better way to put it. Whereas Ghostbusters had 68% of the vote two days ago, we’re now at 47% and dropping. That means against all reason and expectation, Princess Bride has an organized fanbase, and...

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Nerdy Show launches GBRPG hub, gaming gear

By on Oct 12, 2014 in GAMES, GB | 0 comments

If you’re smart, you’ve been following Ghostbusters: Resurrection, the audio podcast of Florida ghostheads playing the classic Ghostbusters RPG. You’ll also then have heard them use their revised rules and new equipment. Well, now you can join the fun! They have launched the GB RPG Hub, a one-stop source of the old rules, their new rules, gamer...

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Sony releases Ghostbusters 1 & 2 30th Anniversary Blu-rays!

By on Sep 16, 2014 in GB, GB2, MERCH, VIDEO | 3 comments

There is no question that short of cultural phenomenon like Star Wars, Ghostbusters has an amazing amount of home video releases. Actually, I can’t think of anything other than Star Wars that has seen so many offerings as Ghostbusters. Starting with the half-dozen VHS releases and going from there, you’re looking at a lot of home video editions of the smash...

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Sony announces 4X better resolution remaster of Ghostbusters!

By on Feb 3, 2013 in GB, MERCH, VIDEO | 0 comments

With a wash of new 4K TVs at CES this past month (think of 4K as super HD, at roughly four times the resolution of a Blu-ray), people started asking what the hell they could watch on them. Sony jumped up quick to announce they were working on a host of 4K titles, from the recently wrapped five seasons of Breaking Bad to older titles in the catalog, including...

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Ernie Hudson talks Oz and losing out on the Ghostbusters cartoon

By on Jun 13, 2012 in GB | 0 comments

“Probably the most frustrating job, yet the most rewarding job. Just getting the job was frustrating. But I loved the actors—Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis—and I still consider them very good friends. I’m so thankful that I got a chance to do it. After all these years, almost 30 years later, whenever I’m on the street, someone will call out, “Who you...

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