If he’s serious, awesome. If he’s joking around, awesome.

Dan Aykroyd has tweeted to his fans that he’s caught a flight to New York, where Bill Murray is playing FDR, to “find him.”

It’s possible he’s just pulling our leg – in which case, someone needs to teach the man some Internet shorthand, like LOL, or j/k, or 😛 – but it’s an awesome dig, regardless. And if it’s true, man, try and picture that meeting…

Would Sony dump Columbia?

Ooh, that’s not good – fortunately, it’s speculative.

24/7 Wall Street runs a yearly feature, guessing which brands will die in the coming year. Some at interesting guesses, such as the death of Nokia (even though they are showing some interesting, possibly company reviving tech) and some headscratchers, like the death of Corn Pops (kids aren’t eating sugar cereal anymore… the idiots) fill out the piece, but the one that seems the most reasoned and worrisome is that Sony might unload Columbia-TriStar as a fast way to increase the worth of the company.

This doesn’t mean the death of Ghostbusters or Columbia-TriStar. They would end up belonging to someone else. But by selling Columbia-TriStar, Sony Pictures ceases to be. And if Sony Pictures hasn’t put Ghostbusters 3 into production before that, the greenlight process starts all over.

Licensing International Expo – Sony targeting 2013 for third film.

The Licensing International Expo starts today and Sony, as always, is there. However, unlike previous years, that presented the Ghostbusters license in general terms, Sony is pushing Ghostbusters not only in terms of products for fanboys, but in terms of the long-gestating third film, which they are now talking about as a 2013 release.

This is semi-official. Sony Consumer Products has to deal as if the movie is coming and has to talk about it with a date in mind, but this is not the same as there being a greenlit date necessarily. Still, it’s a good sight that Ghostbusters continues to be an important property with Sony.

The date was mentioned in Sony’s full-page add in the tradeshow’s magazine, being handed out at the show.

[VIA Toys and Gadgets]

Casting news a rehash of November non-starter

A listing for Ghostbusters 3 casting is making the rounds – before you get too excited, the solicitation for GB3 extras is the same page that made a small noise back in November. And I mean the EXTACT same page. Here’s Proton Charging’s coverage from last year, including Entertainment Weekly’s news that they had contacted Anna Farris’ representation and she was not up for the role.

That link to the casting page is the same page making the rounds today – they changed the date on the top of the page to May 23rd, but the page link still contains the 2010/11 (november 2010) date.

Nothing came of the last call and no official announcement was made to confirm it. It remains a slim possibility that it was legit and stalled, and this is just the same process starting up again, but for now, it’s a giant question mark.

TMZ talks to Ernie Hudson – no GB3 offer yet, uncertain movie will get made.

The omni-present LA cameras of TMZ caught up with Ernie Hudson recently, and talk turned to GB3. Hudson confirmed he’d heard all the same rumours as us, but has not as yet been made a formal offer. All in all, he couldn’t say for certain if the movie would get made, though I don’t know that anyone should expect him to know that.

TMZ doesn’t have embedded video – you’ll have to go to their site to watch it. Sorry about that.