Ghostheads episode 25!

Ghostheads podcast has hit its silver episode today!

Has July been a little warmer than usual? Does the humidity have you clinging to your air conditioner? If so, why trying to cool down listen to the latest episode of Ghostheads!! In this episode Luke and Jason give you the full San Diego Comic-Con rundown of everything GB. You’ll hear there opinions on many of the items that will be coming out over the next year. So grab an ice tea, sit back, relax, and listen to Ghostheads! Head on over to to get the episode, and enjoy!! Questions, comments, suggestions e-mail us,, or follow us on Twitter @ghostheads!!

Ghostheads #24! Grab it now!

If you’re not already to subscribe to Ghostheads podcast, through iTunes, etc. you can always grab it directly from the Ghostheads website (well, directly from here at Proton Charging, proud host of Ghostheads, by way of the Ghostheads website – buy that’s just getting nit-picky)!

Topics – Minutes 0:58 – 37:24

Ladder 8 saved from budget cuts!!
Sony shopping around GB 3 at Licensing International
Would Sony dump Columbia-Tristar?
Shout out to Philly GB!!
Live Breaking news

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Listener e-mail – Minutes 37:41 – 43:06

Ghostheads episode #23 now live!

Burned out from college finals? Let Ghostheads help you relax! In this episode Luke and Jason discuss the latest efforts of the Alabama GB in there tornado relief, dance around the subject of a GB parody movie, that’s not kid friendly, and as a special bonus we uncover a lost interview. Head on over to to get the latest episode!!

“Osama the Traveler. He leave in one of the pre-chosen forms. Ideally off the back of an aircraft carrier”

Opening – Minutes 0:44 – 4:03
Topics – Minutes 4:04 – 23:50
Alabama GB tornado relief
Adult GB movie parody
Release GB II on Blu-ray
Live Breaking news
Lost interview with Troy Benjamin – Minutes 23:51 – 44:37
Word from our sponsor – Minutes 44:38 – 44:44
Listener e-mail – Minutes 44:45 – 50:20
Closing – Minutes 50:21 – 56:45
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Ghostheads episode 22 hits the web!

“Peanuts, Popcorn, and Staypuft”

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Special Guest – Courtney Ruel

Opening – Minutes 0:44 – 2:30

Topics – Minutes 2:31 – 24:17

Word from our sponsor – Minutes 14:25 – 14:54

Listener e-mail – Minutes 24:18 – 31:38

Closing – Minutes 31:39 – 36:13

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Ghostheads episode 21 is now online!

Has the dead of winter got you down? Wishing for Spring to come sooner? Then listen to the latest episode of Ghostheads!! Luke and Jason talk about latest from Mattel, Hot Wheels, the Oscars award show, and more!! Download the show from now!!

Ghostheads website and RSS feed can be found here.

“Two and a Half Ghostheads”

Opening – Minutes 0:44 – 4:40

Topics – Minutes 4:41 – 13:04

* Bill Murray has seen script … well the cover atleast
* Mattel wants input on next prop, and wants your help
* Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime: Meet the Team Xbox achievements
* Hotwheels Elite Ecto-1 1/43 prototype pics released
* New fanfilm Real Ghostbusters ep

Word from our sponsor – Minutes 25:49 – 26:40

Closing – Minutes 34:16 – 40:13

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