Ghostheads Podcast #11 is live!

As a restful hiatus, the guys at Ghostheads have just released episode 11!

* No: B117B3X9 means no Ghostbusters 3 greenlight.
* Ghostbusters Holiday Comic
* Lego Rockband Ghostbusters
* GB Fans 2009 Halloween Contest

Plus the usual features, and an interview with Troy Benjamin (old school Ghosthead and current The Private Sector columnist.

Ghostheads is hosted by Ronald Daniels, Jason Hughs, and Luke Crisalli. Email your questions and suggestions to or just catch one of the hosts in the GBFans Chatroom!

Also, for the next few weeks, Radio Gotham has syndicated Ghostheads, in order to add some Ghostbusters content to their June broadcasts! Congrats to the guys at Ghostheads for that. Here are some bumpers that Radio Gotham will be running;

(Proton Charging is a proud sponsor and file host for Ghostheads – Suck it, NPR!)