Smith directs supernatural pilot, Reaper.

reaper - fall 2007 on CW
Every time a favorite show rides off into the sunset, I think, “Now what the hell am I going to watch?” But then someone decides to make a show I’ve been dying to see for, like, ever – I just didn’t know it. The new kid on that particular block is Reaper, stepping up on September 25th on The CW (which we can actually get in Canada!) Check out the extended trailer for the show pilot (directed by Kevin Smith), and tell me it doesn’t say, “Ghostheads stop here.”

Another GBI-style RPG – InSpectres

Nothing really compared to the original GB RPG by West End Games – recent supernatural investigation RPGs, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer were more stats heavy and modeled after episodic television. Others, like the d20 rules ExorSystems Inc., tap into a wealth of third-party d20 books, allowing GMs to create a game to match almost any movie or show, but d20 isn’t exactly newbie-fuzzy-friendly.

But now there’s a newcomer, InSpectres (“inspectors” Get it?) and even a quick look at the sample materials reveal the designer has Ghostbusters in mind and is more than a little familiar with the stripped-down, super-accessible d6 system WEG pioneered.

There are differences, most of which provide a bit more structure to how the game plays out compared to the very flexible, anything-goes attitude of the GBI RPG, but as I haven’t played with the system yet, I can’t really compare in detail. I just dig the art a lot.

Still, the idea of wacky characters, joining a spirit-hunting franchise wearing a uniform with a snazzy logo will be instantly familiar to GB fans. Basically a simple change of nouns will allow players who can’t find a copy of the old GBI game, to attempt some new GB-style fun.

Go here for an overview of the game and some sample materials – the game is available in print and PDF format.

Thanks to Toren for the heads-up. Toren has a new album. Everyone should buy a copy.

He is Norbert! You are like the buzzing of flies to him.

Nearly sixty-seven years ago, Norbert Grupe was born to a Germany at war. Three years ago, with little to his name other than his dog and van, he died of cancer in Mexico. Between those two points he was Der Boxprinz (The Boxing Prince.)

We’re more familiar with him as Vigo the Carpathian in Ghostbusters 2 (or, for us older folks, a hapless terrorist in Die Hard), but the man was also an infamous boxer in the 60s and 70s. Not only was he a notable pugalist, he was also a bit of a party animal, leading to some minor scandal involving drugs and prostitution. All of this is covered in this 2002 documentary on the man we know as Wilhelm von Homburg.

If anyone is in Germany or any other European country were you may be able to find this DVD, please contact me.

24 years. Beauty, eh?

The CBC will be showing Strange Brew on its 24th anniversary, this Sunday. And afterwards there will be a one-hour special, with Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas reprising their infamous roles as Bob and Doug McKenzie. Check local listings, or, like, your favorite torrent site, if you’re not, like, in Canada.