Sure, it’s no film in a can. But it’s still important.

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Hey, Ghostusters 3 news! Emotions! Understandable! But all that aside, let’s talk about the news as news for a minute.

I think there’s a lot of confusion between “official” meaning it’s not a rumour or conjecture and “official” meaning production has begun.

I welcome the recently cautious attitude of my fellow Ghostbusters news hounds, who insist they will disregard all GB3 news until at least a script is approved. It’s not official until the cameras roll. This is reasonable, but it also means they are downplaying one simple thing in the Hollywood Reporter article;

“Feig and his Feigco Entertainment partner Jessie Henderson will executive produce. Reitman will serve as producer.”

Yes, a script still has to be approved. Yes, production has to be greenit and started. It’s not “officially” happening. But this one line is why we are NOT ignoring it – it’s the most official news about production we’ve EVER had.

We’ve had script writers. We’ve had script writers while Sony courted directors. We’ve had script writers, with Ivan Reitman as possible director, who has his own production company who would presumably been involved. Sony never said an official peep about any of them.

Now we have a script writer, a director, and a named executive producer, and Ivan Reitman as a defacto producer, meaning his role has been addressed. And Sony has confirmed this step – not through reps talking to the press – through their own channels. Does it mean filming has officially begun? Of course not. Can it still fall apart? Absolutely. Is it the most confirmed, least rumoured news ever officially acknowledged by Sony?


This one simple piece of news, so far overlooked as people scream their personal investments into the night sky, means the clock has moved a minute-closer to midnight. This is the most ducks we’ve ever seen lined up together since Dan Aykroyd first said “Let’s make a third one!” (most likely on the last day of shooting Ghostbusters 2). So, be as cautious as you like, it’s more than appropriate to remind people this doesn’t mean filming has “officially” begun. Just don’t bury the fact that this is still the closest we’ve ever been (like it or not) to a third movie, officially.

Aykroyd says this is the last Skull tour for awhile, because of Ghostbusters 3

(In Brandon, Dan Aykroyd holds Tricia Bone’s son’s piggybank before autographing it. )

Talking to the press as he rolls through Manitoba on his signing tour to promote his growing collection of spirits (the hiccup kind, not the boo kind), Dan made the suggestion that this leg of the on-going, multi-year tour that this will be it for awhile, as Ghostbusters 3 filming in the spring will demand all his time. Read the Winnipeg Free press report here.

It’s important to keep in mind that Dan is the film’s most active proponent, always assuming the best outcome to all situations, so I wouldn’t consider this hard confirmation that GB3 is going ahead just yet – rather, Dan is currently feeling good that the previously discussed plan to film next year is going to get the green light. It’s Patented Aykroyd Positive Thinking at it’s best, and our fingers are crossed.

Big ups to Steven Hough for the heads up.

Third draft of GB3 script is done – but is it any good?

estatic_smallAs of late August, a third script for Ghostbusters 3 had not yet been completed, according to Dan Aykroyd;

“As (‘Ghostbusters’ director) Ivan Reitman says – and I quote him now – ‘It’s all just talk,”‘ Aykroyd said.

“That’s pretty much what we can say. Until we can see a script, until we have casting, until we’ve got a production number,” he added before trailing off. “I’m the biggest cheerleader. I think it’s going to happen, but really it’s just theory until the production number is stamped.”

But all that has now changed as of last Friday, when Dan Aykroyd revealed he had in his possession the new draft for the third film, a fact mentioned in passing, without fanfare, as Aykroyd spoke to Baltimore press during his recent Crystal Head vodka promotional stop;

I’m going to see the script in the next few hours, I’m about to read the third script, I’ve been submitted it and we’ll see what happens.

Thanks to Andreas for the link – now we just have to wait and see if he likes it… and if Reitman likes it, and Murray likes it, and if Ramis likes it, and the studio likes it, and then if they can get the cast scheduled, and then if the studio greenlights it… then we might finally have a third movie.

Weaver: No hope of Ghostbusters 3

Take a deep breath, Patrick.

In a recent interview with Premiere magazine, interviewer Ryan Stewart asked Sigourney Weaver about the possibility of a 3D animated Ghostbusters. Her answer, which he posted on his blog (presumably because it won’t be included in the final print interview) wasn’t encouraging for those looking forward to a little CGI ghost busting.

When I pointed out that the film industry’s renewed focus on next-gen 3D imagery and CG-rendered worlds means that perhaps a third Ghostbusters adventure is still feasible, Weaver looked at me a bit like I had just given her a toothache. She then took a big breath and said “Well, I just saw Ivan Reitman at this dinner, this lunch for his son, and, ummm, there’s no way.”