SDCC 2011: It’s a trap… video! (two of them, actually)

The con must go on, but video of Mattel’s upcoming (October 2011, same as the PKE meter last year… so don’t expect it until November) ghost trap has hit the web.

Ernie Cline risked life or limb (read: stopped ogling the Back to the Future Delorean for a few minutes to let a Mattel rep convince him he needs one) and sent us some video. The camera was vertical, so is tipped onto the side on YouTube, but it’s 720p regardless. Big thanks to Ernie for thinking of us.

As well, GBFans has a much longer video that gets into some real nitty-gritty (Tape measure. Not kidding) and also gets in much closer, so be sure to check out both videos. Tip of the hat to Andy of the SoCalGBs for cornering a Mattel rep for 8 minutes!

And it’s short, but Mattel’s senior brand honcho Scott Neitlich, walked G4’s Blair Butler through some of their SDCC reveals, including the ghost trap (and a fantastic close-up of Vigo’s head) – Go to their page so you can watch it in HD. (thanks for the heads up, Steven)

SDCC 2011: GBFans drops the word on next Mattel prop, plus figure pics! Vigo!

GBFans, which sells a lot of awesome GB merch, including Mattel swag, has scored the thumbs up from to reveal what the next GB prop is, after the hugely successful PKE meter;

I ain’t sayin’ – AJ scored a homerun on this, dude should get to tell you. So, to find out what the prop is, head over to GBFans! I will say, he also scored some sweet pics of one of the upcoming 2011 figs, Vigo!

Short clip on Terror Dog animation

William Forsche has posted a short clip to his YouTube group about old-school stop-motion animator Randall William Cook, which includes some talk about the Terror Dogs in Ghostbusters. Thanks to JD Raimer for the heads up!

Making a Kenner PKE meter more awesome, and chess a thing of beauty.

Couple of quick things – big thanks to Tay for sending me this link to Dalbyspook’s refurbished Kenner PKE meter toy. The finished product is below, but you really should check out his work-in-progress photos, to see the entire process. He even refurbished a Kenner Ghost Trap!

Also, GBMax, over at GB Mania, has posted a couple of takes on some potential Ghostbusters inspired chess sets – I’m partial to the green set, though the more I look at it, the more I see a couple of differences I’d personally make. Have a look at both sets here, but have a look at the green set below, then I’ll outline what’s buzzing in my brain.

As much as I like putting in as many pieces of Ghostbusters equipment as possible, I think one piece of chess tradition has been overlooked – The Rooks, traditionally a tower, should totally be the Firehall. Given the unique movement of the Knight, I would make both pieces the Ecto-1. It’s true, the trap is lost, as are the logos, but these are just suggestions – I’d buy a set, regardless.