Shot On Site: Spook Central digs up some info on Times Square shots

It seems like most every shot in either Ghostbusters film has been located – there aren’t many left and those that are, are really, really, really short and quick. Like these shots from Times Square, which we only see briefly, as when a possessed Louis is wandering New York looking for the Gatekeeper (turns out, they’re really awful at is, as they start out being no more than a block apart, but Louis walks way South before finding his way back to where he started. More on that another time.)

Paul over at Spook Central has done some really amazing work to pick out some details from that scene (as well as not one, but TWO Ghostbusters music videos, which also feature Times Square) – read all about it over on his site. And catch up on all the Shot On Site articles here.

Spook Central nails one of the toughest Shot On Sites

Over the last couple of years, most all scenes of both movies have been sussed out – but it’s a diminishing return on the effort, as the more scenes we figure out, the ones that remain unsolved are logically the harder and harder ones. Right now, most all of the shots remaining where their locations haven’t been identified are montage shots – quick shots where there isn’t a lot of time to make out any helpful details.

But Paul at Spook Central nailed one today – by using the shot in the film PLUS (and this is the amazing part) on location photos from various sources, including the Ghostbusters 2 trading card set – has figure out where the boys nabbed a ghost while wearing their Santa hats.

Check out the location detective awesomeness at Spook Central.

Shot on Site: On The Set looks at Ghostbusters

Herve Attia has a MASSIVE collection of location videos he has put together for various popular movies. It’s true there have been a number of location videos over the years, including Ghostbustours and Follow That Marshmallow, but Herve puts some amazing work into his videos, not only in the access he manages to get (for some films), but in how he frames the film as a shot by shot comparison, then blurs the lines, often inserting himself into shots to act as a seque, or simply to add a visual gag (it took me a moment to realize he was adding smoke rising from Steven Tash’s head after getting zapped by Venkman.)

Big nod to Paul at Spook Central for finding the video – alone it’s amazing, but together with all his other videos, it’s a YouTube treasure trove.

Shot On Site – Fort Detmerring Exterior

Paul at Spook Central has picked up the Shot On Site flag and has started doing some Ghostbusters filming location detective work himself – in addition to organizing everything that is known so far, he has tracked down the likely shooting location for the infamous Fort Detmerring cut scene. Only a few shots were released in various publications and none of the fort made it into the final movie, though Ray’s naughty nightmare did (filmed on a sound stage.)

You can read Paul’s Detmerring breakdown here, you can see all his Shot On Site info here, and you can check out all of PC’s Shot On Site posts here.

Shot On Site: Birthday party – (GB2 callsheet revelations)

AJ at GBFans spotted these call sheets for Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 filming for sale via an online prop dealer. Callsheets, at least during production, are everywhere. Everybody has a copy. They are typically discarded after the day’s shooting. However, some survive, and while unique pieces of film history, I’m not sure if they’re $300 unique. Mind you, the whole point of this post is that a cursory glance at the sheets on the website reveal a wealth of information.

For example;

– Slavitza “Gozer” Jovan is listed as “Slavitza Yhuelo”
– The temple rooftop scenes were shot in the days leading up to Christmas 1983. One of the call sheets is dated Dec. 16th, and referenced as the 35th day of shooting.
– The scenes are on Stage 16, which is odd, as it’s recently being referenced as being Stage 15.
– The set was closed to visitors (not surprising, for the massive finale)
– Five uncredited (by either the film or imdb) stunt persons are listed, Terry Hardin, Ron Harrison, Tim Lawrence, Mark Wilson, and Beth Nufer, who stunted for Slavitza.
– Five sad, partially named stand-ins are listed; Cherise, Clay, Dan, Mark, Michael.
– The advanced schedule (subject to change, presumably) put the ballroom scene at the Biltmore on December 20-22. Try and wrap your head around the actors defeating Gozer on a Friday, and by the following Tuesday, they’re shooting their first bust.
– The schedule is approved, by signature, by… well, it’s hard to tell. “J V Schiag…?” No name it the credits helps clarify the name. Quick, someone in the industry tell me who signs off on callsheets.
– Another sheet is dated as December 8th, 1983, the 29th day of shooting. The scene is on the rooftop, and includes shots using Louis and Sigourney, suggestion their rooftop transformtion scenes were around this time (or their altar scene) – Slavitza is listed as well, but as “off-camera”. Since her stunt double isn’t included in the day, but the four Ghostbusters stunt doubles are, it strongly suggests this was the day they shot the “Choose and Perish” shots as well as the “Are you a god” scenes.

But the big revelation is on the Ghostbusters 2 callsheets, which include directions and a map to the LA Firehall 23, which doubled as the interior of Hook and Ladder 8 in New York. This isn’t a secret – it’s been known for awhile that this is the interior location for the firehall, and the callsheet map confirms it;

“Int. Firehouse Location / Int. Brownstone”

There’s the kicker. While we only just recently figured out where the exterior of the Birthday Party Brownstone is, it was always assumed the interiors were shot on stage – or at least that was my thinking. However, given the map, I went and had a look at my photo of the LA firehouse and the birthday party scene in the film.

You can see a correlation between the top floor bay window on the firehall, and the window seen during the birthday party. So there you have it. Another LA location (well, same location, new scene though.)