Facebook YEAH app adds Ghostbusters with extras to your facebookin’.

Facebook launched YEAH yesterday, essentially a per-month fee streaming service, like Netflix, you can watch a handful of movies in Facebook. So what? You may well ask; well, the main hook is that YEAH has a second screen for additional info, sort of like the trivia track on the DVD, only allowing for more words. Whether this is worth five bucks is up for grabs, but it’s intriguing. You can read IGN’s review of the feature here.

You can try YEAH for free with the film Halloween.

Vancouver hip-hop group shouts out to Bill Murray with new track

The Sweatshop Union, who tromp around the same streets I do, here in Vancouver, have released a new EP – The Bill Murray EP. The title track, as you may have guessed, Bill Murray, in which the group covers the life and times of Bill F’in Murray.

What struck me right away is that the video, in grim and gritty black and white, looks the part of New York, but is actually filmed here in Vancouver. The Murray Hotel is for reals! But wait, there’s more – while putting the video together, director Stuey Kubrick reached out to Ghostbusters fans, looking for a Proton Pack to borrow or rent. When it was discovered the Ghostbusters of British Columbia were in the same city, problem solved – and GBBC honcho Todd Whalen ended up appearing in the video; that Ghostbuster Bill is him!

Check out the video and you can buy the track through iTunes and BandCamp


This would be the second* musical love-letter to a GB cast member, with John Smith campaigning for replacing “MILF” with the classier and more referential “Dana Barrett“.

*or third, if you want to count my co-opting of Duck Sauce’s Barbra Streisand.

[Nods to GBMania and GBNews]