Just Because It’s Friday: Orchestral performance of GB theme

This isn’t new – a handful of orchestras, such as the Cincinnati Pops, have covered Ray Parker Jr’s Ghostbusters theme – but it’s rarely heard. And the accompanying photos are a fun treat.

I can’t compare right now, to say for sure which orchestra is performing this – if you think you know, say so. Otherwise, it’s Friday – just enjoy it.

Nods to Brendan at Cross the Streams for the find.

Justin Ishmael hints at possible Mondo GB poster, explains why none yet.

The long and the short of it is this – The Alamo Draft House is famous for it’s revival screenings, which include a lot of guest speakers and in particular, super-awesome movie posters. But when they did Ghostbusters a couple of years back, people wanted to know why a poster never materialized. Older Ghostheads can probably guess why (likeness rights), but the head of Mondo Creative – makers and marketers of said super-awesome posters – Justin Ishmael has made it clear that they wanted to make and sell a poster, and they still do if they can ever sort it all out.

Thanks to Tyler for the heads up!

Blue Busters – Apple 80s internal “ad” surfaces

At some point in the 80s, when Apple saw IBM as their major competitor (Windows merely being the company that produced the operating system for PCs, a market dominated by IBM at the time), an “ad” was made for Apple employees, sort of a video pep rally. Surreal.

Be honest – how many of you even remember IBM PCs?

The video is amazing – from the Macintosh proton packs to the neon room and cameos (WOZ!) nod to the Ray Parker Jr. music video. This is a keeper.

[VIA WebProNews]