More Zootfly videos

Zootfly has posted two more videos to YouTube, this time showing off the Ecto-2 (not the cartoon Ecto-2, but they’re idea of an Ecto-2.) Thanks to Shades for the heads-up.

Zootfly throws down the gauntlet

Two days ago, Slovenian video game developer, Zootfly, sneak-released a couple of videos onto YouTube, sans explaination – best guess is that they amount to them expressing an interest in a Ghostbusters game (as they featured concept art in a company precis – see below for the art.)

Currently, as PC understands it, nobody holds the licence to make a GB game, so it’s not known if this is some pre-hype before pursuing the license or a publisher, evidence that they just aquired the licence, or are just doing it to show off their love of GB.

Whatever the case, it’s pretty darn sweet. Big thanks to Kingpin, Robert Knippels, and the gang at the GB message boards for spotting this.

Concept art from summer 2006 has surfaced and I’ve taken the liberty of turning it into desktop sizes for you. You’re welcome.