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  • Author: Buster
  • Date Posted: Aug 6, 2014
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190x190El Paso Ghostbusters

The El Paso Ghostbusters are a non profit organization which is made up of 6 Ghostbuster fans and their children on a mission to make a difference in the community. Don’t be fooled this is not your average group of cosplayers. We are available for any Conventions and Events. We do not have favoritism among events, we are equal opportunity and want to do our best to be a part of everything we can. convention. As a Charity organization we gather items such as clothing, toys, food, and other household goods. We DO NOT handle cash donations, but are willing to refer you to some good organizations that could use that help. we are ready to believe you!

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  1. Please call me this weekend . I would like to invite you to my school Dr.Sue Shook Elementary. My Name is Albert Mendoza and I am the school counselor. I met you at comic con with my two boys. My number is 540-4588. If you send me your number I will send you the picture of my two boys with you. Thanks enjoy your day.

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