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  • Author: Buster
  • Date Posted: Mar 28, 2014
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190x190Louisiana Ghostbusters

Louisiana Ghostbusters is a fan-based public service Ghostbusters franchise. As costumers and fans of Ghostbusters, we represent our open costuming policy with movie-accurate props and wardrobe representing all aspects of the Ghostbusters series of movies, cartoons, games, and novels. As a service organization, we direct money to charities, participate in fundraisers for charities, attend fund-raising events, perform charitable acts and provide community service. As volunteers, LAGB performs many acts of philanthropy openly and willingly, however we do not provide any sort of paid services or profitable ventures of any kind. We effectively trade smiles and good will for donations to various worthy causes. We are a fan club with a mandate to help the community, bringing smiles and goodwill wherever we can when someone decides we’re who they’re gonna call!

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