AFX and Art Asylum reveal GB2 SDCC Minimates exclusive details.

Earlier in the week, Art Asylum posted pictures of the Action Figure Xpress exclusive Minimates four-pack, featuring all four Ghostbusters in their GB2 garb, including slime-blowers!

The pack is included in the SDCC exclusives list, with some more details. The pack will sell for $17 and is limited to (ready?) only 2000. So, if you’re there, you might want to grab one as quick as you can.

Finally, this boxed set will serve to fill the last of the incomplete holes in Minimate fans’ collections! Featuring Ghostbusters II versions of Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler with proton packs, this set also includes “Slime Blower” equipped versions of Ray Stanz and Winston Zeddemore!

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