Art Asylum release box pics of Stay-Puft lamp, closer pic of Liberty lamp.

To be sure, the Statue of Liberty lamp was one of the oddest Ghostbusters items to appear at the New York Toy Fair, along with the less nonsensical Mr. Stay-Puft lamp. Time hasn’t change the plan any – Art Asylum has posted pictures of the Stay-Puft lamp (and his box), along with a larger look at the State of Liberty – the statue still doesn’t give much away about what lights up, nor does it look like there’s anything particularly Ghostbuster-y about it that can be seen. It’s kind of like buying a North by NorthWest statue of Mount Rushmore, only nobody is hanging from it… it’s just a miniature of Mount Rushmore. Or am I thinking of Vertigo? In any case… buh?

100 feet of angry marshmallow mascot can really ruin your day. Luckily we at DST have shrunk the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man down to a much more manageable size — 7 inches! Not only that, our mini-statue version lights up, to add a pleasing glow to your collection at night. Isn’t that much nicer than stepping on churches? Check out out new in-package pictures below, plus a pic of the upcoming Statue of Liberty light-up statue! Look for Mr. Stay-Puft in July and Miss Liberty in October!

Art Aslyum shows off TRU RGB Minimate packages

Art Asylum has posted pack shots for the first wave of their Real Ghostbusters minimates, due on June 24th – the art on the back of the two-packs reveals that some small changes were made, such as making Slimer transparent instead of opaque (though he doesn’t keep his familiar, snaggletoothed mug from the cartoons.)

Toys R Us are currently taking online pre-orders on the Janine/Slimer and Ray/Egon packs, but not the Exclusive packs with the famous Real Ghostbusters ghosts (Samhain, Boogeyman, Egyptian Ghost, and Energy Terror Dog… ok, those last two aren’t famous RGB ghosts – cool, but not famous in the cartoon, compared to the other two.)

Janine (in GB jumpsuit) and Slimer

Ray and Egon

No word yet on what will become of secretary Janine, as she first appeared in early prototype shots.

Art Asylum post light-up Stay-Puft pics

From their official blog today, comes the following;

If you aren’t chuckling right now, it means someone changed my subject line. Anyway…at this point you have all seen the awesomeness that is the Ghostbusters Slimer Light-up Statue. Well, I’m here to let you know that he was just the first of many such statues. The logical follow-up – Mr. Stay Puft. Using Bill Mancuso’s sculpt from the rotocast bank, we have created 2 versions of statue. The mass release will be the normal white figure with the happy face. The exclusive (or future mass release) will be styled after our “exploding” style (translucent red) with the angry face. Please note that the photos are just early prototypes, so the lighting effects are not necessarily final.

As we found out earlier in the week at the New York Toy Fair (today was the last day), the Stay-Puft lamp is due out June of this year, and will retail for approximately $70.

First pics of Real Ghostbusters Minimates hits web. Next in line announced!

Big Bad Toy Store is taking pre-orders on Art Asylum’s Real Ghostbusters Minimates, and with that comes our first look at the first four pack to be released! The pack will retail for around $17.99 and be available in May of this year. Stay tuned for more info and big thanks to Andres for the heads up!

[UPDATE] Diamond Select is saying an April release. Stay tuned.

DSTChuck talked up the first RGB MM four-pack over the last couple of days, and followed up with some info on the follow-up figure sets being released to Toys R Us;

TRU RGB S1: GB Slimer and GB outfit Janine.
TRU RGB S1: Ray and Egon (same as in the specialty four-pack.)
TRU RGB S1: Bogey Man & Terror Dog (blue).
TRU RGB S1: Sam Haim & the Egyptian ghost

From the sound of it, this is the entire first series of 2-packs going out to TRU. Stay Tuned!

A Diamond Select Release! Art Asylum Designs & Sculpts Following up on the hit Ghost Busters Movie line DST debuts the hit 80’s cartoon Real Ghost Busters! Based on the looks of the characters from the cartoon this specialty market exclusive four pack includes Egon in his Ghostbusting uniform, Ray in uniform, Janine in her office attire and of course Slimer. Each Minimate stands 2.5″ tall with 14 points of articulation and a variety of removable and interchangeable parts and accessories and is packed on a blister card.

Click for full size

First look at light-up Slimer packaging, RGB Minimate peeks coming soon.

Art Asylum has posted two pics – front and back – of their soon-to-be-released light-up Slimer. Basically a thinner shell version of the Slimer piggy-bank they released in 2009 with a battery powered light inside, the light-up Slimer would look cool on my desk.

As well, Art Asylum is saying we can expect to see some of the upcoming RGB line of Minimates at February’s New York Toy Fair, at the latest. So, stay tuned for more on those.