Time to Decorate Your Firehouse with Great GB Art!

With the holidays coming a lot sooner than my wallet can handle, I always like to make sure to make the place look nice when family comes by. And I’m in a Ghostbuster art feeling, and I’m not just talking about art made by one of the Fettucini’s.

Here are 4 pieces being sold on Fab.com right now for $42 a piece (you’ll need a membership to Fab.com to purchase these):

Couple of Wavy Lines by Marz Jr.

They Hate This by Marz Jr.
Stack Books Like This by Marz Jr.
Is This the Ghostbuster by Marz Jr.

And that’s not all the GB art around! Gallery 1988 is selling art from their current exhibition “Please Post Bills: an art tribute to a comedic legend.”

Here’s some of my favorites:

Clark Orr "Strange Neighborhood"

Jude Buffum "Ugly Little Spud"

If you’re in Los Angelese, be sure to stop by. Just make sure not to get caught taking photographs, as I’m sure Janosz will kindly show you the way to the gift shop.

Have anymore GB art that no place should be without? Post below in the comments!

Ectoplasmic Residue tonight! Closing party April 22nd w/ free GB screening!

We mentioned about a week back about Ectoplasmic Residue, the Ghotbusters themed art show at Cine, in Athens, GA. That starts tonight!

The show will run for a week and a bit, ending on April 24th. There will be a closing reception and free screening of Ghostbusters on the 22nd!

Start Time: Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 5:00pm
End Time: Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 11:55pm
Location: Cine Athens
Street: 234 W. Hancock Ave
City/Town: Athens, GA

Follow the event Facebook page for more info.

Thanks to Chogrin and James for the extra info and pics!