Eurogamer Sanctum of Slime interview: OGBs appear, if not speak

Eurogamer sat down with Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime developers, Behavior Santiago, to talk a bit about the upcoming XBLA/PSN/PC digital download only game. While a decent length interview, it does have a couple of interesting things to say about the design of the game;

Eurogamer: In this game each of the four characters is a rookie that has been drafted in to help save New York. Some are disappointed they won’t play as the Ghostbusters from the movies. Is that important?

David Williams: The general story is that there is a demon that’s being resurrected in New York City and because of this process there are lots and lots of ghosts being drawn to New York from all over the world. This means that the original Ghostbusters team is pretty much overrun with work, so they’ve had to recruit these new rookies to help out.

The original team does take part in the game, but in the story sequences in-between the missions. They are there, but you don’t get to play the original characters.

Not only that, but you are now able to cross the streams to form stronger beams, and a familiar name returns to the Ghostbusters canon… and is the accidental bad-guy. Thanks for that little spoiler, Behavior Santiago (don’t read the last half of page three if you’d like to stay in the dark on this.)