Time to Decorate Your Firehouse with Great GB Art!

With the holidays coming a lot sooner than my wallet can handle, I always like to make sure to make the place look nice when family comes by. And I’m in a Ghostbuster art feeling, and I’m not just talking about art made by one of the Fettucini’s.

Here are 4 pieces being sold on Fab.com right now for $42 a piece (you’ll need a membership to Fab.com to purchase these):

Couple of Wavy Lines by Marz Jr.

They Hate This by Marz Jr.
Stack Books Like This by Marz Jr.
Is This the Ghostbuster by Marz Jr.

And that’s not all the GB art around! Gallery 1988 is selling art from their current exhibition “Please Post Bills: an art tribute to a comedic legend.”

Here’s some of my favorites:

Clark Orr "Strange Neighborhood"

Jude Buffum "Ugly Little Spud"

If you’re in Los Angelese, be sure to stop by. Just make sure not to get caught taking photographs, as I’m sure Janosz will kindly show you the way to the gift shop.

Have anymore GB art that no place should be without? Post below in the comments!

If he’s serious, awesome. If he’s joking around, awesome.

Dan Aykroyd has tweeted to his fans that he’s caught a flight to New York, where Bill Murray is playing FDR, to “find him.”

It’s possible he’s just pulling our leg – in which case, someone needs to teach the man some Internet shorthand, like LOL, or j/k, or 😛 – but it’s an awesome dig, regardless. And if it’s true, man, try and picture that meeting…

Bill Murray has seen the script… from across the room. [UPDATE]

Yesterday everything was aflutter online, as Ivan Reitman, while promoting his new film, No Strings Attached was asked (you can always see this coming) about Ghostbusters 3, to which he replies that Bill Murray has seen the script. Ashton Kutcher, Reitman’s No Strings star, jokes, “He’s seen the cover!” – This gives Ivan a chuckle before ending with “So… fingers crossed.” This was taken to mean Murray had read the script by most, but it turns out Ashton was closest to the truth.

While talking, quite frankly, with Howard Stern this morning, Murray talked about Ghostbusters 3

Howard Stern: Is it true that there is a Ghostbusters 3 and that you’re the problem and you will not sign off on this? Do you know about this?

Bill Murray: Yeah, I guess I’m the problem. Before I was an asset, [but] now I’m a problem. There’s a script somewhere [on my desk], but I haven’t read it yet.

Robin Quivers: So you have no interest?

BM: Well, I’ll get to it… I gotta get to it – I feel bad. I got a message and I think people – I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings – it’s not the foremost thing in my mind, so I don’t think about it.

You know, the studio gets excited every 10 years or so. What they’d really like to do is recreate the franchise. I remember when the new Ghostbusters was going to be Chris Rock, Chris Farley and Chris Crane… Kris Kringle… someone [laughs] – that had it together.

HS: Is that a threat to you? In other words, did they try to threaten you by saying we’re going to put together a new Ghostbusters and therefore you guys will have to go do it?

BM: It’s not a threat, it’s sort of businesslike – they’d like to keep it going. There are still kids today that watch this movie and love it, it’s still very popular. They still sell a lot of toys and everything.

Screen Rants has the full transcript.

Thanks to Steven Hough and Hayden Gilbert for the links!

The Atlantic urges Bill Murray to make Ghostbusters 3

The Atlantic should sound familiar to most of you – it features quite prominently in Ghostbusters. If you’re still not sure what I mean, then have a look at this re-imagining by Dapper Dan Schoening.

Ah, yes. Right?

Well, The Atlantic has written a letter to Bill Murray, asking him to make Ghostbusters 3, not just for our sake, but his own.

Make Ghostbusters 3, Bill. Please? The long-awaited, long-long-long-rumored third installment could start shooting this year—but only if you agree to appear in it. Ivan Reitman, on a recent publicity tour for No Strings Attached, said you have been sent a reworked script. They even used your idea about Venkman dying and coming back to haunt the cast, too That’s badass. You’ll be like Swayze in Ghost, dude. With Sigourney Weaver as your Demi Moore. Pretty please? Maybe you could turn the whole thing to your advantage. Back when the studios were fighting over who would make the first Ghostbusters, you used that leverage to get The Razor’s Edge financed. You could do the same now—agree to make the threequel of the studio will finance a film you do care about.

OK, admittedly, author Hampton Stevens is a little behind the curve, as the whole Venkman-as-ghost thing has pretty much been left on the cutting room floor of screenplays that didn’t survive to production, but all in all, his heart is in the right place. Bill could use some love and laughs. We all could. And if that’s not enough, consider it job creation during a recession.

Thanks to Peter McGovern for the link!