Dan Schoening posts art & details for IDW project, Announces NEW IDW project!

Dapper Dan Schoening used the 26th anniversary of Ghostbusters (A slightly fuzzy period that starts June 7th) to post a sneak-peak image from his still untitled IDW project with Cereal:Geek’s James Eatock. He also dropped some more details about the project that put the 9-page story in an upcoming Ghostbusters trade paperback – one that will contain all the various holiday one-shots they’ve released in the last year or so.

But that’s not the big news – the big news is that Dan has been given the nod to do the art for a full 22 page Ghostbusters story at IDW, written by Peter and Kathleen David! Holy crap!

Here’s a sample panel (NOT FINAL ART) from the upcoming 9 Page Ghostbusters comic short I am providing the art for. It is written by the great James Eatock and published by IDW [link] You’ll be able to find all 9 pages in the Ghostbusters Trade due out in the winter. I’ll leave the story details loose for now, but it involves Peter flirting, Turkey stuffing and a dash of 80’s nostalgia.

I am also happy to announce that I will also be penciling a 22 page Ghostbusters Hallowe’en issue written by the awesome duo of Peter and Kathleen David. I’m very excited about that!

Yeah, I think we’re all very excited about that – seems odd though, as this suggests the full one-shot will come out before the 9-pager. But hey, you can never have enough Dapper Dan, right?

Be sure to check out his Ghostbusters gallery for all sorts of keen GB art, as well as a sneak-peek at the new GBFans website art he made for AJ!

Dapper Dan & Cereal Geek GB comic pitch

Earlier last year, James Eatock, the man behind Cereal: Geek magazine, joined forces with “Dapper” Dan Schoening, and put together a fantastic pitch for a Ghostbusters comic, which they sent to IDW. You may recall a PC post last Summer where some tantalizing hints were dropped.

I was lucky enough to get a look at this pitch when they were putting it together/revising it last Fall and can’t figure out why IDW would ever pass on it – which is what they did ultimately. Truely, WTH?

So, Dan and James have released their pitch online for all to see (and for IDW to see the reaction, no doubt) – IDW obviously has their editorial preferences and preferred art teams, and James’ and Dan’s pitch is full-on for multiple issues – but who says they have to take the whole package. Perhaps they might consider giving the ghosthead duo a back-up story and go from there! Something! ANYTHING! Dan’s art and James’ dialog is too good to be just a project pitch on a website.

All 15 pages of the pitch, with example pages, character proofs, issue synopsis, and more, is all on Dan’s page at DeviantArt – you HAVE to check it out.