Hotwheels Elite 1:18 Ecto and plush Ghostbusters!

A little old and little new.

A couple of weeks back, fans started spotting plush Ghostbusters, along with plush Slimer and Stay Puft, in claw machines – more often than not, these are found in the games rooms at your local Wal-Mart. They are not available through regular retail. You will actually have to find a claw machine and try your luck.

The toys are made by The Toy Factory, who specialized in plush prizes for claw machines, party arcades, and fairs. Their catalog does confirm they have the Ghostbusters license, but contains no pictures – not to worry though, people have been posting them up and sending them in a lot.

From what we can tell, they appear to come in two different sizes (as you can see in this picture by GBFan poster, hawaiiangb.

And Hot Wheels has finally posted pictures of their 1:18 scale Elite Ecto – as cool as the ERTL die-cast Ecto was, this car takes the cake.

[VIA GBNews]