Gozer to hit UK, Winston to hit Toronto (etc.) [UPDATE]

Con goers on both side of the pond have some GB options lining up fast.

Collector Mania, May 28th to the 31st in Milton Keynes, will have Slavitza Jovan as a guest! Thanks Bill!

For a rare sample of the reclusive Jovan, check out this classic PC interview with the lady herself.

In Toronto, the 2010 Wizard World Comic Con tour starts up March 26th, with Ernie Hudson in attendance! No word if he’ll be at any of the others, but there’s a good chance. Stay tuned

[UPDATE] Turns out a lot of Hudson’s appearances are already noted – Wizard Worlds Austin and Philadelphia have him confirmed. Those that want to keep an eye on news for the WW closest to them, and don’t want to wait for PC to figure it out, should keep an eye on the WW website. Thanks, Prof.

Dallas GBs! Terminal Reality to demo at A-Kon

Live in the Dallas area? Like Ghostbusters? Want to see or even try the Ghostbusters game a few weeks early? Well shucks! You goin’ to A-Kon?

From GBFans.com

Attending the 20th A-kon Convention this Sunday from 12:45-1:45 in State Room 2 are Terminal Reality and their Lead Character Artist, Jesse Sosa who is more commonly known as the forum member “skankerzero”. At the convention they are hoping to offer attendees a special treat: A sneak preview demo of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, taking place in the New York Public Library from the first movie.

Members of the public attending the convention are free to participate in the preview, and are encouraged to dress up as the boys in grey so you’ll really be in the spirit whilst busting pesky poltergeists on the 360. So spread the word, pull out the flightsuit and strap on your Proton Pack.