Cross the Streams podcast – new home, new vids!

Cross the Streams podcast, after seven episodes, have pulled up stakes at their old web address and moved over to Ghostbusters News as their new home! You can check out their blog and past episodes there, but just because, we’re posting two new promo videos they recently posted here. It’s the magic of YouTube!

Stay tuned for their next episode, which PC always makes a point of announcing – we keep track of it, so you don’t have to!

The following is NSFW, but hilarious. It also contains subliminal pain.

Cross The Streams podcast #7 online – Epic Win Burlesque!

Here to celebrate not only the 26th anniversary of the classic film, Ghostbusters., it’s also the first anniversary of Cross the Streams Radio Show!

Cross the Streams Radio: Episode 7 68.2 MB

Show notes;

– Intro & Monologue
Matt Prov’s Interview with the people behind EPIC WIN Burlesque “GHOSTBUSTERS!”
– Commercial-Ghostbusters 2 Alarm Clock
– Roundtable with Mike Tigani from the Ontario Ghostbusters and Michelle Goodridge, a Ghostbusters Fan. Thing we talk about are:

Men in Black 3D (Matt Prov Rant)
Sims 3 – Expansion Pack
Improv Everywhere Ghostbusters video
Ivan told Ernie they have a second draft
Fujishoji releases pachinko machine in Japan – Ghostabustas!
Ontario Ghostbusters Updates!
Cross the Streams at Fan Expo

– Commercial-Kurt Fuller Ad
– Goodbyes & Bill Murray Prank Call to Wal-Mart
– Bloopers

Anyone with any concerns or questions or hate mail, please write to Brendan, Matt or Drew at

Cross The Streams podcast #6 online – Ernie Hudson interview!

Episode 6 of the Cross the Streams podcast is online and the guys have lined up an interview with Winston himself, Mr. Ernie Hudson. And what’s more, they’re lining up round two now, and are inviting you to send in your questions;

We all hope you enjoy the following episode of Cross the streams Radio Show. Do you want to ask Ernie a question we didn’t cover? Want to ask him a non-Ghostbusters question? Well you can! How? Through Cross the Streams Radio, that’s how. In 2 weeks from this date we’ll be talking with Ernie and if you’d like to get your question answered by Ernie himself, send us what you want ask and we’ll actually ask Ernie.

Where do you send your questions to Ernie? Over at:

And one more time; Ernie.
Click here to download the episode.

Cross The Streams podcat and their Empty Orchestra!

Cross the Stream hosts Matt and Brendan went a drinkin’ and well, one thing lead to another until finally they were baring their souls and singing voices to the whole bar – which is good, as they’re on probation for baring other things in bars.

While embarrassing digital video is fun, the boys cut it up with some GB clips and then added a drinking game, just for fun (or to get you to join in.)

What did they sing? C’mon… think about it…