Mattel explains delay of Slime-blower Winston. Art Asylum consider Trap bank.

In today’s Ask Matty, Mattel cuts to the quick about the mysteriously delayed Slime-blower Winston. Collectors rejoice, it was to make him more movie accurate;

1.) You recently announced that the Winston w/ Slime Blower was delayed. Is there any chance the delay is because you’re adding the “football pads” part of his outfit?

He is delayed to make him more accurate to the film. He will have the full vest and pads when released.

Thanks to T16skyhopp for the heads up.


In unrelated news, Art Asylum has expressed serious interest in creating a ghost-trap piggy bank to join their growing line of Ghostbusters theme piggy banks. One can only assume that means all the other banks have sold very well for them.

Art Asylum shows off second round of "Best of…" TRU 2-packs

Continuing to give me excellent reasons to go to Toys R Us, Art Asylum posted pack shots of all the upcoming Best of Ghostbusters Minimate 2-packs, drawn from Series 2.

Do the ghosts ever give up?
Do the guys ever get a vacation?
Of course not! And that’s certainly apparent in our latest collection of the good guys vs. the bad guys 2-pks in Toys R Us!

The Series 2 2-pks consist of:

The TRU exclusive Gooey Ray Stantz & Expoding Stay Puft!
Poor Ray! He just can’t seem to get out of harms way. Well, I suppose that’s what you get when you try to think of the “most harmless thing”…

TRU Exclusive Courtroom Peter Venkman & Washington Square Ghost!
Peter’s snarky comments can’t help him out of this one! Good thing he’s got his Proton-Pack with him!

TRU Exclusive Dr. Peter Venkman & Energized Terror Dog!
Okay, who brought a dog to the party? Peter better watch out cause this one is ENERGIZED! Eep!

ANOTHER TRU exclusive Winston Zeddmore & Zombie Taxi Driver!
Oh Winston, you thought this was just a job to pay the bills! Boy, were you wrong. I suppose tho, who could really forsee NYC being overrun with ghosts?

Art Aslyum reveal secret second Stay-Puft bank – on sale now.

Way back in January, Art Asylum showed off pics of one of two new Stay-Puft banks. The one pictured was a normal looking Stay-Puft that glowed blue in the dark. The second was a secret. Well, secret no more; Art Asylum has posted pics of an angry red, glow-in-the-dark Stay-Puft! And the fit to burst Stay-Puft – they’re calling him “Exploding Stay Puft” is now sale now as a Toys R Us exclusive ($19.99USD – free shipping in the US)!

Big ups to John DiBiase for the TRU link!

Click for full size
Click for full size
Click for full size

Diamond reveals RGB Minimates most likely out in 2011 has a video of their time at San Diego Comic Con 2010, including their review of the Retro-Action Peter Venkman, but most interesting is the Diamond Select Toys Presents: Minimates! panel, which was held on Saturday, July 24th. When asked what was next for the Ghostbusters line, the Diamond rep (can’t make out the name and the web is being no help) was at first hesitant, but responded that they would most likely be doing Real Ghostbusters Minimates in 2011.

So very awesome. The clip comes in the final couple of minutes of the short clip (4:45);

Toys R Us taking pre-orders on new exclusives – pics!

Toys R Us has listed their Series 4 exclusive Ghostbusters Minimates – the four pairs are $6.99 each and (you might want to sit down) will be released July 15th, 2010 (bit of a wait.) These sets include;

Janosz and Statue of Liberty
Mayor Lenny and Subway Ghost
GB2 Venkmen and Slimer
GB2 Ray (with Slimer Blower) and Theater Ghost

The third series is due out any time now. Big ups to the gang at GBFans for spotting this one.