Ghostbusters 1 & 2 DVD gift set up for pre-orders

A lot has changed in a year – what was originally going to be a Blu-ray 2 disc set with extras has turned into a DVD 2 disc set with the same extras, presumably as the Ghostbusters 2 Blu-ray is in limbo.

The set is the same DVDs as in the last green-goo double-pack, though it apparently doesn’t come with the collectible booklet along with the 5 inch Stay-Puft statue, trading cards (that you can’t trade, as everyone will have exactly the same ones), and little tub of slime. The slime might be worth having, though perhaps not $30 worth having.

Still, if you’re interested, Amazon is taking pre-orders, at 25% off, for the October 6th release – meaning pre-orders should arrive well before Halloween.

Region 4 Extreme Ghostbusters DVD gets fan thumbs up

Jason wrote in to say that he went out and picked up the region 4 Extreme Ghostbusters DVD, with the first 13 episodes, and was happy he did;

I just wanted to let you know that I got my Region 4 “Extreme Ghostbusters” 2-disc DVD set in the mail yesterday. I’ve got a region-free player, and pre-ordered the set from Australia as soon as I saw your story about it weeks ago. As expected, there are no real extras to speak of, but it does contain the first 13 episodes of the series with impressive video and sound quality. No one who is a GB fan and owns an all-region DVD player should be on the fence about buying this. Get it now so we can get the rest of the episodes released. Or so we can show Sony there is enough interest for a Region 1 DVD set.

Well, I’m certainly considering it – Jason got his with no hassles via EasyDVD for $15 (Australian?)

RGB DVD confirmed!

Well, it’s official now – Time-Life will be producing a RGB DVD set with the intent of selling it this fall. Originally thought to be 26 discs, the set may now be 27 or 28 discs. The set will be produced by Andy Mangels (a giant cartoon fanatic, more than capable of making this the awesome), who will be talking at Comic Con in a couple of weeks – no doubt we’ll hear more about the set there. For the full article from the source that broke the news, head on over to! Thanks to everyone else that forwarded me their email newsletter from same – Gord beat you by barely that much.

[UPDATE] It appears that in addition to the Time-Life set, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be producing a 2-disc set of the first season for sale in Germany – this is according to this German video site. The set is targeted for an October 23rd release – no word yet on other seasons yet. Danke to René for the heads up.

Und hallo zu allen jenen deutsches Ghostheads übersee! Traurig für irgendeine schlechte Grammatik. Ich erhielt einen Roboter, um dieses für mich zu übersetzen.