Ecto-trip stalls as Ecto Magnum fails two-days on the road. Help!

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This is not reporting bad news for the sake of reporting bad news. This is a plea, primarily for helping out some glum Ghostheads, and for bonus points, to the powers that be to help off-set a PR mess for their company by standing by customers who put their trust in their product.

On Monday a quartet of friend and fellow Ghostbusters fans set out for DragonCon in Atlanta. DragonCon is easily a king amount geeky gatherings (standing en par with E3, Game Developers Conference, San Diego Comic Con, etc.), and a natural gathering place for fans of all stripes, particularly because of the parade, in which hundreds if not thousands of fans take to the streets to show their love for their fandom.

2009 is the 25th Anniversary of Ghostbusters and the perfect time for fans of the film to gather – they gathered at Comic Con, they’ve gathered in several smaller cons. And now, they are gearing up for PKE Surge, a gathering at DragonCon, a highlight of which was to be their involvement in the parade, including the four gents that hit the road on Monday.

Boomerjinks, one of the travellers, had a plan – having built an Ecto-conversion Subaru Outback, he would expand the idea to create an updated Ectomobile that harkened back to the beefy Miller-Meteor Caddy that formed the original Ecto-1 and Ecto-1A – he converted a Dodge Magnum, nicknamed the Ecto-2K.


And it looked awesome – there’s no two ways about it; pure white with the rooftop, spookfighting extras, even the iconic red trimmings (admittedly much more muted than the 1984 version.) But even better than the original, the Magnum Ecto was internet ready, which the guys intended to use to document the trip to Atlanta, and ultimately their inclusion in the DragonCon parade, where 30,000+ attendees, plus an untold number of Atlanta citizens, would watch 2000+ attendees strut their stuff.

As beefy as the Magnum looked, it’s endurance was also about en par with its 50 year-old spiritual cousin – Yesterday, the engine seized in Cambridge, Ohio (not far from Columbus), after only a day and a half of driving. A machine that was sold on the basis of its combined might and majesty, couldn’t even handle a simple freeway challenge. I say was, as the Magnum line was discontinued in 2007.

I’ve driven a Magnum, though it was city driving, and it was a nice car. Powerful, and while a little unwieldy in space crunched Vancouver, the space in it’s wagon style back (just the thing for rolling in and out proton packs in a 21st century world.) Sadly, it seems that’s what the Chysler-built car is best at – short city hops, not the freedom of the road seen in commercials.

So, what now?

Well, there’s the immediate issue – the gang of four has to get home (yes, this set-back means they can’t attend DragonCon, even without the car), and then the Ecto-Magnum has to get home (which means shipping). This requires money – the guys asked for nothing to Ecto-up the car, nor to get to the Con – that was all their own budget. But this catastrophe has exceeded that margin, and any help wouldn’t hurt.

(copied from the site, who is handling the donations – if this button doesn’t work, go here.)

But I have a secret hope (well, not so secret now) that Chrysler joins in – in a perfect world they would swoop in and save the day, but that’s wishful thinking. Heart-warming, made-for-tv type stuff, but unpractical. But if nothing else, they should stand by their product and the gentlemen that put their trust in it. Ram tough, our collective, nerdy asses. I’m sure warranty and service agreements may get the car on the road, but that doesn’t mean anything to 30K fans and the people of Atlanta that won’t get to see it and grin, or to the guys that put a lot of hard work to get there.

In order for either to happen – both to help the guys get home and to alert the makers of the car that it would be nice of them to stand by it – the word of this crappy, disheartening tale has to be shared. So;

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But first and foremost, if you can toss a couple of bucks their way via PayPal, it’ll really help. $250 has been raised and the hope is to get up to $1000 to really help them out.

Ecto-1 appears on UK’s Fifth Gear has had this for awhile, and I’ve only just gotten a chance to check it out and post it. It is well worth checking out, as the Fifth Gear crew get to ride around in the Ecto-1. The question is, where did this one come from? I’m assuming it really is a ’59 MM combo-car – as a gearhead show, the audience would tear them apart if it wasn’t. But I didn’t think the one showing up at events for the past year or so wasn’t a ’50 MM. Is this someone else’s replica? Surely Sony didn’t fly the damn thing over (given the US car’s schedule, when would they have the time?)

As a bonus, 5thG invited Most Haunted psychic-alumni and car fanatic Derek Acorah to come along for the ride. It is some excellent footage of the car in action – is it just me, or does it look like the front end in a little lopsided?

Sony Blu-ray releases sneak peak clips of Ecto featurette

As if the surprise re-launch of wasn’t enough fun for the weekend, Sony and have released some clips from the Ecto-1 restoration featurette that will be on the Blu-ray disc.

After 25 long years of chasing ghosts Ray, Egon, Winston and Peter need a little help. So if you think you can handle big marshmallow men, a positron collider and thousands of adoring fans, submit your video application at Ghostbusters Is Hiring. If the Ghostbusters decide to hire you, your first assignment will be a trip to Comic Con 2009!

To give you some inspiration, here’s some never-before-seen footage from the new Ghostbusters Blu-ray coming out on June 16th, 2009:

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