Ghostheads – Episode 20 now online!

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“He’s an ugly little Spud isn’t he?”

Opening – Minutes 0:43 – 2:47

Topics – Minutes 2:48 – 13:04

* Reitman comments on GB3, everything you know is bad
* Aykroyd reveals a little bit more about Ghostbusters 3
* Busterpalooza 2011
* Charm City Cakes makes GB wedding cake
* 1:1 Terror Dog in the works, with pics!!

Word from our sponsor – Minutes 12:40 – 16:53

Closing – Minutes 16:54 – 20:27

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Trailer for proposed documentary, "Ghostheads" posted online.

“Prince Vigo”, AKA Adam Schwartz of the Alabama GBs, has a proposition – basically, while attending DragonCon the other week, he shot some footage for a documentary he’d like to make. Whereas Cleanin’ Up The Town is working to examine the making of the Ghostbusters film franchise, Ghostheads (working title) wants to look at the people who love the film franchise. And for a weekend of footage, the proposal trailer puts up a pretty solid argument in favour of getting it made. Check it out.

Ghostbusters Fan Documentary – Trailer from Adam Schwartz on Vimeo.

Nods to Ricky Crypt for the spot!

Thanks, everyone, for your support! I really want to make this a community driven effort so it’s great to see the enthusiasm! And we’re totally better than the trekkies. I think that this fan community is so unique and diverse and the story deserves to be told. If we can continue to get support and build momentum, we can really make this great.

Ghostheads podcast ep. 16 hits the web!

“Hey, Boogaloo! Your ugly, and your mother dresses you funny!”

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Special Guest – Pat Harmon

Opening – Minutes 1:16 – 1:57

News Topics – Minutes 1:58 – 32:22

Commercial – Minutes 19:28 – 19:38

Closing – Minutes 32:23 – 36:13

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Ghostheads podcast – Lucky episode 13 is online!

It’s that time again – the guys at Ghostheads have just released episode 13!

“That’s a big Twinkie”

Special guest Kevin (Spooky) Willingham

Opening – Minutes 1:16 – 2:33

News Topics – Minutes 2:34 – 30:27

* GB II Vigo Production photos at GB Fans
* Ghosthead gathering at Mega Con
* Dan Aykroyd sighting in New Jersey
* PKE Surge 2010 logo
* Aykroyd calls Murray and tells him to stop being a jerk
* The Big Bang Theory references GB
* Wil Wheaton a Ghostbusters fan?
* Bill Murray bar tends at SXSW

Closing – Minutes 30:28 – 32:25

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(Proton Charging is a proud sponsor and file host for Ghostheads – Suck it, NPR!)

Fan collaboration Ghost Bustin' design up for voting at Threadless!

Alex’s collaborative Ghostbusters t-shirt – where 50 fans were invited to contribute ghosts for Alex’s busters to trap – is done! Which means if you ever want to see it as a shirt for sale, you have to vote!

You have to have a Threadless account to vote, but it’s free, and well worth it, just for the emails about sales. Thanks to Guillaume for the heads up! Boy, Alex worked fast!

This design is doubly cool to me, as I got to help contribute a ghost – but I’ll leave it as a mystery for now… hint: it’s a tribute.