Mattel ready to refund owners of yellowing Stay-Pufts

In fairly short order after their release and sale at last year’s San Deigo Comic-Con, a percentage of Mattel’s squishy Stay Pufts started to yellow in spots. This was an unfortunate chemical reaction that Mattel wasn’t aware of, as it took months and months to become apparent. But as promised, Mattel is making good on their offer of refunds. Head here for more info.

If he’s serious, awesome. If he’s joking around, awesome.

Dan Aykroyd has tweeted to his fans that he’s caught a flight to New York, where Bill Murray is playing FDR, to “find him.”

It’s possible he’s just pulling our leg – in which case, someone needs to teach the man some Internet shorthand, like LOL, or j/k, or 😛 – but it’s an awesome dig, regardless. And if it’s true, man, try and picture that meeting…

Countdown(s) to Halloween!

Branded in the 80s has started up their annual 31 Days of Monsters, each day taking a look at a different Real Ghostbusters ghost, complete with screenshots AND actual production cels and sketches! (For those looking for more, you can always go back and check out last year’s countdown!)

And Dapper Dan Schoening is at it again, with his 13 Ghosts feature, in which he puts his unique style to work recreating various Ghostbusters creatures. This year’s theme… REAL GHOSTBUSTERS TOYS!

I’m only posting two images here, but there are dozens for you to see at these two sites – do not skip them! They are a perfect way to get in the mood for Halloween!