Shot On Site: That’s My Baby!

Rolling along from the last Shot On Site, I’m still in a Ghostbusters 2 frame of mind. And so, I present to you 325 East 77th Street, New York. This is the site of Dana’s post-Gozerian apartment with her baby boy, Oscar. We first see the apartment as Dana approaches with bags fulls of groceries and a carriage full of Oscar – however, having stepped in some pink goo (likely shot in LA by a second unit practical effects team), things soon go wrong and the carriage careens off on its own, mom in pursuit. The entire sequence is shot on 77th Street, starting near the West end of the block, and moving down to 1st Ave, where Oscar has a near encounter with a bus.

To kick things off, I’ll start with some bits of trivia from the tail-end of the scene, which will make for a nice bookend effect, as this post will end with the same shot and a big piece of trivia I’ve dug up. Observe;

Only briefly seen flashing by (not counting the nice continuity of seeing it in the distance the shot before), the bus is the M15 – this is an actual Manhattan bus route that actually travels the route seen in the movie. You can see the bus’s number on the front – you can also see an ad for HOT 97 FM. What’s interesting about HOT 97 FM, is that the station as advertised was barely a few months old when the scene was shot in the fall/winter of 1988/1989. A station purchase saw the formerly WYNY 97 swap frequencies with WQHT 103 FM (a dance music station.) The station’s claim to fame was playing the same 12 inch version of popular dance tracks you could hear in the clubs. And now you know.

On with the breakdown.
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