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Photos surface of cut GB2 ending!

By on May 25, 2010 in ART, FANS, Featured, GB2 | 0 comments

Red Bubble user, DilettantO, lucked out (from what I can tell) – the same day in 1988 he was visiting Liberty Island, Ghostbusters 2 production was shooting the final scene of the film, in which the team is honored by the city, finally. The scene was quite elaborate initially, only to be cut down to a quick glimpse at the end of the film as it fades to black...

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City Lights At The Movies Ghostbuster interviews, 1984!

By on Mar 26, 2010 in Featured, GB, VIDEO | 0 comments

This… is AWESOME! Amazing interview footage, promoting Ghostbusters, with Sigourney Weaver, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, and Ivan Reitman. The guy who uploaded them on YouTube cut out the Ghostbusters clips, and separated the interviews – I’m not even sure I have them in the right order yet – but it’s still over...

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Ramis talks Ghostbusters 3, contemporary Egon

By on Sep 30, 2009 in GB3 | 0 comments

Movieweb has a short Q&A with Harold Ramis about a third Ghostbusters film. A lot of it is stuff we’ve heard before, just expounded on. Also, he shoots down a couple of rumours – the third movie will focus on the Mayan calendar and the end-of-the-world and new Ghostbusters to add to the team (everybody is a possibility, nobody is signed.) Can you...

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Ramis talks about Ghostbusters 3 a lot

By on Jul 8, 2009 in GB3 | 0 comments

Understandably pleased with themselves, Making Of sat down with Harold Ramis, moved him onto the topic of Ghostbusters 3, and kept him there for 7 minutes – easily the longest he’s talked about it to date. Haven’t had a chance to watch all the way through, but apparently he touches on a lot of solid points, like the role of CGI in the movie, the...

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