IDW sneak-peaks ish #1 of Ghostbusters monthly! [UPDATE] Burnham interview!

[UPDATE] Comic Book Resource posted the same sneak pages today, but they also sat down with writer Erik Burnham. Read the interview here!

We’re now around a month away from getting our hands on the first issue of IDW’s monthly Ghostbusters comic, but IDW wants to keep us in high gear anticipation by providing us with the first six pages of the first issue.

Avoid if you don’t want any spoilers. Read away if you want a giant heap of awesome. I was curious how the tone of the book would be – I’m confident this is going to strike a good chord with comic and Ghostbusters fans.

Big thanks to Tristan Jones, who will be providing the back-up features for each issue (as well as a creepy as Hell cover for issue #3), for sending this to us.

Click for full size!

Ish #2 covers for Ghostbusters monthly! Pre-orders start this week!

Well ghostlads and ghostladies, do you know what this coming week is? It’s the week you can start pre-ordering issue #1 of IDW’s monthly Ghostbusters! You can do it at your local comic shop or one of any number of online comic retailers, such as Graham Cracker Comics.

Why pre-order? Because while customer wisdom is that their purchase of an item dictates its popularity and success, this is not actually the case in comics. The comic shop owners buy the books before you do – the number of copies they buy dictate success or failure of a book. They can’t return them if they buy to many. And while some books can be re-ordered, those are rare. So, the success of Ghostbusters as a monthly comic depends on us pre-ordering the book. These pre-orders help the retailer make his orders. And those orders make or break the book.

So, if you want to give the monthly book a strong start, go pre-order it!

Now, to inspire you, IDW has sent us the two covers for issue #2! Dan Schoening and Luis Antonio Delgado’s cover is simple and clean and awesome. It’s also Winston heavy, so that’s a double win! Nick Runge’s second record cover homage mashes Abby Road with TriBeca and it is fantastic!