Tristan Jones reveals role in IDW Ghostbusters monthly comic!

We’ve all been curious about what Tristan Jones was bringing to the table, ever since his name was dropped along with the rest of the creative team of IDW’s upcoming monthly Ghostbusters comic.

Well, now we know; he’s providing a monthly back-up feature in each issue, which supplements the all the Ghostbusters cases. Best if he describes it himself.

Basically the idea is that each issue will feature files audited by Walter Peck as supplemental material to each story, looking at the entities encountered throughout IDW’s run (which includes everything before INFESTATION as well), staff profiles, equipment data, and so forth. It will also ONLY be appearing in the individual issues from what I currently understand.

Having seen what’s coming up in the comics and helped create a few of the beasties so far, I can safely say that there’s going to be some really cool things gracing the pages of not just this, but the Dan and Erik’s core pages as well.

I really do have to thank Tom Waltz more than I think I’m capable of — I’m really excited to be working on this, and hopefully more in the future!

The very first file will feature something familiar to everyone, which I hope you’ll dig but I do implore you — TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW! And make sure you get in and tell your local comic shop that starting in September, IDW’s publishing Ghostbusters and that you want it! Books like this rely on preorder numbers to stay alive, so if you want to see more, make sure you get in and get your orders in in advance!

Thanks to everyone for their support (and patience)!

Hell yeah! And he’s right – do make sure, as best you can, pre-order the books. Comics live and die by their pre-orders, so it is critically importantly that the first book sell well. Even if you can’t pre-order it, you can always ask your local shop if they’re bringing it in. The more people ask about it, the more they’ll consider buying in.

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IDW reveals GB monthly to have Nick Runge variants – explains theme

IDW Honcho in Chief, Chris Ryall, has posted a look at the variant cover for the first issue of the monthly Ghostbusters comic – coming this September – by artist Nick Runge. Nick has contributed covers to previous Ghostbusters comics, including Con-Volution, Past, Present, and Future, and… well, all of them, I think.

Ryall also explained that the covers will have a theme, with each variant cover paying homage to classic album covers – the first is modeled, loosely, after the KISS Destroyer album.

For our coming GHOSTBUSTERS series — starting in September — artist Nick Runge will be doing a variant cover for each issue that pays tribute to classic album art. Up first is this little “Kings of the Nighttime World” tribute to Ken Kelly‘s classic painting from 1976…


First look at #1 cover for IDW Ghostbusters monthly!

Sorry, front page readers – you’ll have to read the full article see Winston. I just couldn’t make him fit in a horizontal banner.

IDW sent over this first look at the first cover of the first issue for IDW’s monthly Ghostbusters series, starting in September. If you haven’t spoken to your local comic shop about bringing this in for you yet, you should! Cover by Dan Schoening and colorist Luis Antonio Delgado (both of whom, according to IDW, will also be handling interiors for the new ongoing series which hits stores in September 2011.)

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IDW and Dapper Dan take Ghostbusters comic MONTHLY!

I’m going to have to stop screaming here at the office – I’m scaring the straights.

IDW editor Tom Waltz has dropped this bomb into my email box.

Starting September 2011, IDW (and judging from the following one-page ad, Dapper Dan) are putting out a monthly Ghostbusters comic!


IDW releases iOS Infestation app – whole series in one place!

IDW has released an app for your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad that brings the entire Infestation series to you. The app is free, but, not unexpectedly, the comics are not – they are however only 99 cents, so if you’re not a bag and board kind of guy, this is definitely the cheapest way to buy the series. The free app isn’t useless however, as it does give you all the review ashcans (including the event overview and sketch galleries). Currently, Infestation #1 and the first Transformers and Star Trek Infestation books can be bought through the app for 99 cents each – the rest of the series will be released soon.

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