New iOS/Android GB game unveiled at MacWorld 2012!

Woot! Hooray for owning a Smartphone! Details are very early, but here’s the overview;

The new game from XMG that we are most excited about is their new Ghostbusters title. This game has an augmented reality battle system, immersing you in real time battle against ghosts and ghouls. And I know you aren’t afraid of no ghost!

Equip yourself with proton guns and other equipment, and you can capture paranormal menaces like a true Ghostbuster. There are location-based features that enable players to interact with their surroundings and catch site-specific ghosts, like library or subway ghosts. There is also a social aspect that encourages players to team up with friends and other Ghostbusters. You can gain experience points (XP) to upgrade your ghost fighting equipment so that you can rid the world of these menacing specters forever.

Ghostbusters will be released for both iOS and Android in July (or sooner) of this year. It will be a freemium title.


IDW releases iOS Infestation app – whole series in one place!

IDW has released an app for your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad that brings the entire Infestation series to you. The app is free, but, not unexpectedly, the comics are not – they are however only 99 cents, so if you’re not a bag and board kind of guy, this is definitely the cheapest way to buy the series. The free app isn’t useless however, as it does give you all the review ashcans (including the event overview and sketch galleries). Currently, Infestation #1 and the first Transformers and Star Trek Infestation books can be bought through the app for 99 cents each – the rest of the series will be released soon.

iTunes Canada

iTunes USA

iPhone 4 wallpaper

Doodle Vandal’s awesome wallpaper set continues to grow and grow, as I have added iPhone 4 resolution wallpaper – because the old one I made looks sucky on the iPhone 4. Similarly, if you have an iPhone 4, I’ve updated Proton Charging so that if you bookmark the site on your homescreen, it is also in retina display resolution. Enjoy! Or maybe I’m alone, in which case, I did it for myself.

Click for real-size - marvel at how much image is crammed into a tiny iPhone 4 screen.

Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion ads Ghostbusting

In their upcoming, Summer expansion for Sims 3, EA is adding a handful of unique new occupations for your Sims – forget firefighting and astronauts. How about Ghost Hunter?!

As the name might imply, the expansion adds a slew of new career paths, including a ghost hunter, inventor, sculptor, and private investigator. Best of all, players will be able to follow their Sims to their jobs, giving them direct control over what they do (or don’t do) at work.

The expansion will be available for PC and Mac, and will ship this June. iPhone gamers won’t be left out in the cold — there will be a version coming to the mobile platform as well.

Did someone say… iPhone? Awwwwesome!