IDW releases iOS Infestation app – whole series in one place!

IDW has released an app for your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad that brings the entire Infestation series to you. The app is free, but, not unexpectedly, the comics are not – they are however only 99 cents, so if you’re not a bag and board kind of guy, this is definitely the cheapest way to buy the series. The free app isn’t useless however, as it does give you all the review ashcans (including the event overview and sketch galleries). Currently, Infestation #1 and the first Transformers and Star Trek Infestation books can be bought through the app for 99 cents each – the rest of the series will be released soon.

iTunes Canada

iTunes USA

Ghostbusters on iTunes

Why, yes, technically I’m perfectly capable of creating my own iPhone/iPod ready version of Ghostbusters. But if I weren’t, I could, at this very moment, buy it on iTunes. So far, I can only confirm it’s available in the US/Canadian iTunes store.

Oh, who am I kidding. I’m buying a copy. Be warned though – it’s relatively cheap at $9.99 a copy ($3.99 to rent – but why?), but massive in size, at 1.17Gigs. Yeesh! Thanks to pkNRG for the heads up – I actually went looking for it when I first got my player, but it wasn’t there. And they say wishes don’t come true…