SDCC 2011: Matty Collector rundown. Dana as Zuul! Samhain!

Well, Mattypalooza –’s Comic-Con panel – is over, and here’s the rundown on their Ghostbusters merch. Here’s the summary;

6″ Figs we already know about (some from further back, some from preview night)
– (Aug. 2011) Ready to Believe You Egon (comes with Library Ghost and THREE PKE meters)
– (Oct. 2011) Slime Blower Ray (comes with cinema ghost and slimer blower)
– (Dec. 2011) Vigo (comes with lenticular “painting” backdrop – meaning at one angle, it’s his mountain of skulls. At another, it’s the goofy Fettuccine GBs)

– (Oct. 2011) 12″ Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore 2-pack (comes with one proton pack, with stream, one slime blower, one KUD meter, one ghost trap, one boombox, and one Toastmaster. Package also seems to feature Fettuccine portraits (shrug – dunno).

– (Oct. 2011) Prop Replica – Ghost Trap. GBFans has the SRP at $120.

– (Fall 2011) Retro Action 2 pack – Janine and Samhain with accessories, but better yet, a to-scale Slimer and 22″ firehouse diorama playset.
This will be a Toys R Us exclusive.

A few figs were announced for next year, including;
– (January 2012) Ready to Believe You Peter (with VHS camera and Taxi Cab ghost)
Dana Barrett as Zuul (slated for April 2012)
The Rookie from GB Video Game (this will be the Club Ecto-1 exclusive figure – comes with pack and an open trap)

Mattel also said they are looking to put out accessory packs for the figures.

Head to GBFans for all their pics

Head to Toy Ark for all their pics and the transcript of the livechat (which isn’t as exciting as it sounds)

Happy Administrative Professional Day! You've quit better jobs than this!

And don’t you dare call it Secretary’s Day.

MTV has marked the occasion with a look at their five favourite fictional administrative assistants, including (of course) Janine Melnitz… you know, from Venkman’s staff?!

Janine Melnitz — “Ghostbusters”
Janine Melnitz (Annie Potts) is a top contender for the most memorable receptionist in film. She operates the Ghostbusters’ busy phones, completely unperturbed by the bizarre events described to her by potential clients. Even more heroically, Janine deals with the borderline-dysfunctional man-children that are the Ghostbusters, asserting her authority while also getting the job done.

Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression – wherefore art thou, Janine?!

Artist Michael Dialynas has posted a couple of sweet pieces from an upcoming comic story that will apparently appear in the fourth and final issue of Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression from IDW comics – this issue is due out in December. With the Ghostbusters lost in time, the question is left hanging – what happened to Janine? Well, this story answers that question in an exceptionally funny (and fantastically illustrated) way.

From his Flickr page;

In this months Previews you can order the Ghostbusters issue were i illustrate a short story about Janine, the Ghostbusters secretary and her whereabouts in the main story “Displaced Aggression” written by Scott Lobdell and art by Ilias Kyriazis (who also wrote the Janine story)

Oh my, Janine – what are you up to in that one panel? Big ups to J. Groschopf for the cool news.