Random Karaoke with Jimmy Fallon and Maya Rudolph

Visiting the couch on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday, Maya Rudolph was roped into a favorite post-SNL taping game, Random Karaoke. Together Jimmy and Maya performed random songs, chosen from random song codes picked by Fallon – so in theory it’s just luck that it happened but it feels a lot like the house band was playing so… Score one for Ghostbusters.

When Ghostbusters popped up, Rudolph exclaimed excitedly that it was her daughter’s favorite song.

[VIA GBNews.com]

Ramis talks Ghostbusters with Fallon on Late Night

Harold Ramis, busy promoting his new film, Year One, spent a little time talking about Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters the Video Game, and Ghostbusters 3. Not a lot, but it’s that he’s talking about it on late night TV that’s satisfying.

Big thanks to the, literally, dozens of you that emailed in links, and thanks to Chad at Ghostbusters.net for posting the video.