10,000 signatures and LEGO will look at making GB sets? Seems so.

LEGO Cuusoo is a third party site that takes third party LEGO designs and sells them as kits. They also have the attention of LEGO. After reaching 10K names, LEGO agreed they would look at Minecraft as a LEGO license. Which is cool and all, but that inspired this new petition; 10K names and LEGO will evaluate the possibility of getting the Ghostbusters license. How can you help? Sign the petition. How can you help more? Spread the word so more people will sign. 10,000 is nothing – if everyone reading the site today signed, we could take care of it ourselves and have names to spare! Let’s see if we can make this happen!

Fan LEGO Ghostbusters at MegaCon and SXSW

It’s not hard to imagine a mini LEGO city showing up at Orlando, Florida’s MegaCon – which it did a couple of weekends back, complete with a LEGO Stay-Puft – but a second, and apparently different custom LEGO firehall, Ecto-1 and team of minifig busters appeared this past week at Austin, Texas’ South by Southwest festival, as part of the gaming hall. While conference attendees could check out the booths of various gaming companies, or crash on a beanbag chair and relax, they could also have a peek at the Ghostbusting diorama and marvel at the Ecto-1’s working lights.

Someone sent me a link to the MegaCon pics, but I’ve misplaced it – please remind me. Follow the links above for more pics.

Ghostbusters confirmed for Lego Rock Band on Nintendo DS!

More information about the tracks to appear in Lego Rock Band has come out of Cologne’s Gamescon tradeshow, and the cool news is that Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters is confirmed for the Nintendo DS! Whether the track will also appear on other consoles remains to be seen, but it’s not an unlikely probability. In fact, it would be strange if they didn’t include it.

The tracks announced to date include:

“A-Punk” Vampire Weekend
“Accidentally In Love” Counting Crows
“Aliens Exist” Blink 182
“Breakout” Foo Fighters
“Girls and Boys” Good Charlotte
“Ghostbusters” Ray Parker Jr.
“Free Fallin'” Tom Petty
“Kung Fu Fighting” Carl Douglas
“In Too Deep” Sum 41
“I Want You Back” Jackson 5
“Monster” The Automatic
“Ruby” Kaiser Chiefs
“So What” Pink
“Song 2” Blur
“The Final Countdown” Europe
“Tick Tick Boom” The Hives
“You Give Love a Bad Name” Bon Jovi

Thanks to Derek for the heads up.