IDW GB artist Michael Dialynas high-fives his 6 year old self

Michael Dialynas, whom you will remember did that awesome Whatever Happened To Janine back-up story in IDW’s Displaced Agression mini-series, posted this little piece of awwww to his blog;

Basically, he occasionally goes back to the drawings he did when he was 6 and updates them. And this week, he’s redoing a series he did featuring Gozer and its terrordog minions. If ever you needed proof that he’s a true Ghosthead (and that would make you a cold, cold person), this is all you’ll need.

I went back and re-did my Proton Charging logo once, making my 25 year old self very happy. But it’s not the same…

Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression – wherefore art thou, Janine?!

Artist Michael Dialynas has posted a couple of sweet pieces from an upcoming comic story that will apparently appear in the fourth and final issue of Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression from IDW comics – this issue is due out in December. With the Ghostbusters lost in time, the question is left hanging – what happened to Janine? Well, this story answers that question in an exceptionally funny (and fantastically illustrated) way.

From his Flickr page;

In this months Previews you can order the Ghostbusters issue were i illustrate a short story about Janine, the Ghostbusters secretary and her whereabouts in the main story “Displaced Aggression” written by Scott Lobdell and art by Ilias Kyriazis (who also wrote the Janine story)

Oh my, Janine – what are you up to in that one panel? Big ups to J. Groschopf for the cool news.