Sanctum of Slime release day – Xbox Avatar swag!

It’s release day for Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime (at least in North America, and even then only PS3 and PC), and people are starting to have fun – but don’t fret Xbox owners. The Avatar store has already been updated to include some sweet Ghostbusters swag!

Ecto-4WD remote toy – 320 MSP
GB Trucker hat – 80 MSP
Stay-Puft pet – 320 MSP
Slimer pet – 320 MSP
GB Jumpsuit – 240 MSP

Check out this quick clip of the PS3 demo opener, and then the Xbox Avatar store!

Terminal Reality and Atari working to get Microsoft thumbs-up to release patch.

For those of you who were expecting an Xbox patch for Ghostbusters: The Video Game by the Fall, once the new system update was released (as it was this past week), you’re probably wondering what happened to it. What happened was it’s still on track, according to the polite and curt replies to the non-stop hectoring they’ve been getting on their Facebook page, Twitter account, and website.

Terminal Reality has completed work on a patch and is working with Atari to get it released

Basically, what this means is the coding and testing is done, now it just has to get final certification from Microsoft. It should be mentioned, updates to games are not free on console systems, with the console makers often invoicing publishers/developers in order to cover system overhead (bandwidth and the aforementioned testing.) That any developer or publisher would pay to update a game that has is well past it’s prime initial sales period is pretty much unheard of.

There was some confusion from the earlier announcement of a patch release, that the update for the game would come along with the update for the system, when in fact the system would come out first and the patch, which would take into account the system update, would follow, contingent on Microsoft.

So, no date as yet, as that’s up to Microsoft at this point, but stay tuned.

Big ups to Ryan LeClair for the tip.

Ghostheads make Ghostbusters inspired gametype for Halo: Reach

GBFans member and fan designer, Mecandes, has put together a customized gametype for Halo: Reach that is inspired by Ghostbusters. While not a mod, as some readers might be familiar with, in which uniforms or even game models are changed to reflect the world of Ghostbusters, Halo: Reach allows gamers a high level of configurability and creative use of game assets, as well as the ability to share their work with others. Read Mecandes’ description and you’ll see the inspiration;

Who doesn’t see the Focus Rifle and think “Ghostbusters”? So, my son and I worked on creating a fun Ghost Busters Firefight mode. You play as one of the four Ghostbusters [four lives]. You’re armed with a Proton Pack [jet pack, unusable] and Neutrona Wand particle thrower [focus rifle, unlimited ammo]. You must defend the Ecto Containment Unit [Generator Defense] from the invading minions of Gozer the Gozerian, who seek to release the spooks, spectres and ghosts within it. Remember: you’re a Ghostbuster in a CWU-27p flight suit, not a Spartan in MJOLNIR armor — and don’t cross the streams! It’s actually quite a challenging game mode. Optionally, a player can choose blue team and spawn as a Class 5 free-roaming vapor! You’re hard to see [poor camo], can float [low gravity and high jump], can project a full-torso apparition [hologram], and can slime the Ghostbusters [with an energy sword].

Nods to the father-son duo for making the map (I may have to get my hands on the game now), and big ups to Rob Huston for pointing me at the link.

Ghostbusters: The (patched) Video Game movement

I normally avoid internet petitions – in the past they have been too easy to implement, and their impact overestimated. These days, it’s still the same, BUT in this instance, the issue at hand certainly does bear some exposure.

Since its release, the Ghostbusters video game has had a few issues, namely with bugs that make it impossible to obtain a couple of the achievements/trophies. In August of last year, the PS3 version got an update to improve the underwhelming rendering quality, and a couple of the trophy issues were fixed, but one trophy bug remains. The PC and Xbox versions still have outstanding issues as well.

I remain skeptical about the chances of getting these patches – fixing the bugs, getting the patch vetted by Sony/Microsoft is not a simple process, all of which adds up to time and money, neither of which Atari has expressed any interest in spending on games that do work (you can play the game beginning to end). Hence their priority to fix the graphics of the PS3 version – that is seen as an immediate detriment to the playability of the main game.

However, if you’re looking for a nice, clean, organized place to add your voice for Atari to hear, I do recommend the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (patch) group on Facebook. You can also follow their progress on Twitter.

Personal skepticism aside, I’ve joined. Who knows, right?