Underground Toys shows off teensy Stay-Puft plush!

Last week, we showed you the singing Mr. Stay-Puft stuffy from Underground Toys, as well as an assortment of goods they have produced in Europe, and are bringing over here to North America. Well, all of that was on display at the New York Toy Fair 2011, BUT they also had a surprise for us; a small Mr. Stay-Puft stuffy! Like their bigger brothers, the little guys come in both happy and angry faces.

Click for full size

[VIA Toy Ark]

New Threadless shirt re-works old idea, and wins!

You remember the shirt that would never be? It was a Threadless design that came close to getting the nod, but never did. It was hard to say why… until now.

This new Threadless design is the exact same idea, only a few more details are spot on – the hard blue shirt is a must. The faint nod to the GB logo on the mug is perfect. And Mr. Stay-Puft appearing as a series of disconnected, yet familiar marshmallow pieces… solid gold.

Thanks to Nels and Dan for the heads up!

Not a cheap Threadless shirt, clocking in at $18USD, but certainly a cool one. Grab it!

The Mystery of the Missing Stay-Puft suit – GBItalia interviews William Bryan

GB Italia has scored their third interview with a Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters 2 FX actor, this time with William Bryan, who not only turned the various concept elements into the final Mr. Stay-Puft suit, but performed the part in the final film.

It’s a great interview with one tantalizing reveal by Bryan – 18 Stay-Puft suits were made for production… 17 were destroyed when production closed. And not even he knows where the 18th is.

Read the whole interview (in English or Italian) here.