Art Asylum reveals Series 3 Minimates box and Neon details

Art Asylum put out some details for fans of their Ghostbusters products. First up, they posted a blurb about the neon sign they revealed at the New York Toy Fair. The new information is that the sign will come with a variable voltage setting, allowing fans from around the world to enjoy the sign;

It seems like everyone is getting into neon signs these days. I’m not entirely sure when the trend kicked in, but seeing as how I have a license that was born for neon, I’m jumpin’ on the bandwagon. This little beauty is going to be about 12″ wide and roughly 15″ tall in the base. You’re seeing a prototype, so the base may look a bit different in production, but the logo is final. The coolest thing about this is that it will come with a auto voltage switch (probably not the technical term, but whatever). That means international customers and internet retailers are going to LOVE this item because, unlike most electronic items, you do NOT have to worry about different versions for different countries. Yeah, it makes it a hair more expensive to make them that way, but in the long run we think it is worth it.

The company also posted photos of the upcoming/late Minimates series 3 set;

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Diamond Select Toys shows off new Minimates & specialty items (neon!)

More rolls in from Toy Fair 2010, as Diamond Select Toys is showing off new Ghostbusters Minimates, consisting of the boys in civvies and their commercial lab coats, along with an un-possessed Dana (not a lot of Winston, except in the two back in the background). is identifying them as Wave 4, which given their communications with DST I’ll believe.

Better still is a Slimer night-light, but the must-have item is clearly the neon Ghostbusters logo! No clear shots of their display cards, but the Slimer night-light has a release year of 2011 – for now, we’ll assume the neon sign is as well.

[UPDATE] GBFans has the neon sign as coming out late 2010-2011, with a SRP of $125. Also, the Minimates are due July 2010.