GBNH & GB SLC Crossover Fan-film!

There are certain things you can consider milestones in a fandom. The creation of fan-films is one. Another is when fan-films reach a near-cinematic level of content, as with Return of the Ghostbusters. And then you start to have cross-overs.

The Ghostbusters of New Hampshire and Ghostbusters Salt Lake City have recently revealed that they are working on a cross-over film together! And you won’t have to wait long to see the finish film, entitled GBNH: Spilled Milk, as they are looking at finishing and releasing it before the Summer is out.

If you want to follow production and progress, you can check out their thread at GBFans. And just for giggles, they sent a handful of photos.

Alabama GBs show off patch! New Hampshire GBs at charity event!

The New Hampshire GBs (GBNH) will be attending Touch a Truck, Saturday May 15th in Manchester, NH to benefit the Noah’s Ark child care center & the Simon Youth Foundation & the New Hampshire Food Bank (that’s a whole lot of charity goodness – how can you NOT go?) They’ll be debuting their Ecto-HHR – to see it in progress, you can check here or watch this video;

Also, the Alabama GBs have sent in a picture of their patch – I always dig it when franchises try and move away from the circle. It doesn’t always work perfect, but it always has character – the AB patch is really nice, and made, practically by hand, by Kathy of – if you want a ABGB patch of your own, she sells them here.

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