Ghostbusters confirmed for Lego Rock Band on Nintendo DS!

More information about the tracks to appear in Lego Rock Band has come out of Cologne’s Gamescon tradeshow, and the cool news is that Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters is confirmed for the Nintendo DS! Whether the track will also appear on other consoles remains to be seen, but it’s not an unlikely probability. In fact, it would be strange if they didn’t include it.

The tracks announced to date include:

“A-Punk” Vampire Weekend
“Accidentally In Love” Counting Crows
“Aliens Exist” Blink 182
“Breakout” Foo Fighters
“Girls and Boys” Good Charlotte
“Ghostbusters” Ray Parker Jr.
“Free Fallin'” Tom Petty
“Kung Fu Fighting” Carl Douglas
“In Too Deep” Sum 41
“I Want You Back” Jackson 5
“Monster” The Automatic
“Ruby” Kaiser Chiefs
“So What” Pink
“Song 2” Blur
“The Final Countdown” Europe
“Tick Tick Boom” The Hives
“You Give Love a Bad Name” Bon Jovi

Thanks to Derek for the heads up.

Awesome Ghostbusters t-shirt ever needs your votes!

There are a lot of awesome Ghostbusters t-shirts out there, both official and unofficial, so I’m not fooling around when I say this is my favorite (right this minute.) It’s an old-school gamer joke, it’s a Ghostbusters 2 reference (how often does that happen?) and it looks awesome to boot.

And currently, it exists only as a possibility at Split Reason t-shirts. However, we can make this shirt happen – all you have to do it go vote. That shirt is ready to go now!

Thanks to @SchottGun for the tip! MUST! HAVE! THAT! SHIRT!


Intec designs neutrona wand acessory for Wii – not confirmed

[UPDATE] Something I should have made clear here, just as it’s made clear in the linked article. This could all be a big hoax by someone that can work 3D Studio Max or Maya (thankfully, see below, Dan’s on the case at E3. Fingers crossed!)

[UPDATE] The artist who generated the images has been posting on the forums, talking about the job as well as showing off more concept renders. Thanks to Kingpin for the heads up, if not a link (shakes fist, old man style.)

Big ups to Clay, who spotted this news leak that Intec is at least pondering the possibility of releasing a Wiimote accessory that’s made to look like a proton pack thrower. The leak however points out that while the item is designed, it is still just a prototype, and no a final or approved piece of Ghostbusters merchandise.

Dan Elektro, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is find the Intec booth at E3. Assuming they’re at E3 – I can’t check the exhibitor listing right now.

Convenient timing that this was leaked today. Looking to drum up a response maybe? Oh, I’m sure it will do just that. Drooool.

Ghostbusters Wiimote accesory
Ghostbusters Wiimote accesory