Think Geek offering Stay Puft marshmallows! Caffeinated! [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Think Geek has an official website for the marshmallows – nothing fancy, but it’s nice to see. You can also like the marshmallows on Facebook! Thanks to Joseph for the heads up!

You’ve always wanted them. Now you can have them. Omni Consumer Products, makers of licensed, defictionalized, reverse branded products (meaning, they take fake products and produce the real thing, such as Sex Panther cologne, from Anchorman) are offering Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows.

16 squared marshmallows, spiked with caffeine (not sure why, but ok) come in a nice, attractive collectors box. While it’s not quite as awesome as having a bag of marshmallows, like in the movie, it is still awesome in it’s own way. I mean, who here thought someone would actually produce actual Stay Puft marshmallows?

You can order them through Think Geek for $19.99. Big big thanks to Lucas for the heads up!

* Delicious gourmet marshmallows.
* Licensed Ghostbusters product.
* Box is rubbery with a marshmallow feel, for fun after you eat all the mallows.
* 16 square-ish mallows per box.
* Caffeine Content: A bit over 100mg per piece!
* Net Wt.: 6.25 oz
* Box Dimensions: 7″ x 4″ x 2.5″