More papercraft Ghostbusters!

There have been other papercraft Ghostbusters toys, but this set of 5 by Mr. Black Tees has a couple of things that set them apart.

Firstly, they’ll set you apart from 4,00€ (six or seven bucks US, depending on how mean your bank or credit card company is at exchange rates) – and secondly, they are AMAZING caricatures of the actors as they appear in the first movie!

If MBtees sounds familiar, it’s because they are the same Spanish designers that made this equally awesome t-shirt from last Fall.


Baby, it's cold outside – let's do some papercraft

Big nods to Matt for pointing this out to me – has these awesome little papercraft Ghostbusters for you to print out and put together. Sadly, Winston is missing, but I’m sure someone handy with Photoshop could remedy the situation in short order.

You and download the printout here and there’s a whole load of photos (Ghostbusters and other projects) at the Paperkraft Flickr site.

[VIA Super Punch]

Ghostbusters cubed

Remember way back when, we mentioned a papercraft version of Mr. Stay-Puft? Well, it appears that Chris, who runs, has uploaded versions of the Ghostbusters themselves. And not merely one version of them, but he also has Ghostbusters 2 versions of them as well! You can download these patterns for free and assemble them yourself. A crafty soul could go one step further and use the patterns as a base, and modify them as they like – add slime, marshmallow, sunglasses, etc.


Thanks to Miguel for the heads up!