Sanctum of Slime release day – Xbox Avatar swag!

It’s release day for Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime (at least in North America, and even then only PS3 and PC), and people are starting to have fun – but don’t fret Xbox owners. The Avatar store has already been updated to include some sweet Ghostbusters swag!

Ecto-4WD remote toy – 320 MSP
GB Trucker hat – 80 MSP
Stay-Puft pet – 320 MSP
Slimer pet – 320 MSP
GB Jumpsuit – 240 MSP

Check out this quick clip of the PS3 demo opener, and then the Xbox Avatar store!

Ghostbusters uniform live on Playstation Home US

Dave has some good news for anyone who was waiting for Sony to release the next Ghostbusters goodie on PSN;

Just wanted to pass along the news that PSHome in the U.S. has the GB uniform live and available for purchase.

In the store “Threads” you can find the full GB uniform for 1.99.

You can either purchase everything together for 1.99 (Uniform top, uniform bottom, boots, gloves & ecto goggles)

or if for some reason you only want part of the uniform you can purchase each component separately. (it’s cheaper to buy the whole set together for 1.99)

Uniform top: 99 cents
Uniform bottom: 99 cents
boots: I believe they were 50 cents
Gloves: 25 cents
Ecto goggles: 99 cents

(I believe those prices for individual items are correct, but they may not be accurate as i’m doing it from memory. After i purchased the whole set it doesn’t let me view the prices for the items anymore. It simply reads “error” where the price used to be.)

So far that looks like all that is live now. The GB firehouse space doesn’t seem to be up for sale yet, and the free shirts they mentioned in the video are not live either. It’s just the GB uniform for now.