UK Radio announcers wiser than their listeners.

A cruel headline, no doubt, but c’mon…

Listeners of Magic 105.4FM in the UK, have been voting for their top 40 movie songs, and despite the support of announcers Stephen “The Office” Merchant and Jimi Mistry, Ray Parker Jr’s Ghostbusters didn’t reach the top spot – Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On took the top spot.

Other spots not held by the Ghostbusters theme (which, I will point out, everybody knows how to sing along with – can that be said of Titanic’s theme. No!) include number four (Dirty Dancing’s Time Of My Life), and number three (Armageddon’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.) Whether Ghostbusters takes a consolation second place or not will have to wait until Monday, May 3rd – the top 40 will be counted down starting at 10AM. A TV countdown programme will air at 2PM that same day on Magic TV.

Of the Ray Parker Jr classic;

The presenters plumped for Ray Parker Jr’s theme to Ghostbusters as their favourite film song. “It evokes fond memories of childhood,” said Merchant.